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Scott Gese

Scott Gese is an award winning freelance writer and photographer.

He is a creative and diverse multi-genre writer. His work includes fictional full length novels and short stories as well as non-fiction blog posts, magazine articles and newspaper columns.  

His articles cover a wide range of interests including special places, unique people and uncommon things. His wondering takes him from his home in Oregon's fertile Willamette valley, across the U.S. continent and beyond.  

Scott's freelance articles are well-researched, fact-checked for accuracy and always interesting. 
As a photographer, Scott specializes in outdoor, landscape, street and travel images. He understands the importance of supplying editors with quality images along with his articles whenever they are requested. 

Scott plays well with others. You'll enjoy working with him.

You can contact him at

A Sample of his photo's can be seen on my Alamy Stock Photo portfolio.

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Short Stories in Multiple Genre's

Crime, Detective

Romance, Friendship, Relationships

Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Other Stories

Suspense, Mystery, Thriller


*Border Patrol

*Chicago River Romance

*Dark Angel

*Ishy's Big Mistake

*Leroy and the Kid

*Never Threaten a Thief

No Gold in the House


Pride Before the Fall


*Sharkey's Near Death Experience

Snake in the Grass

*The Birthday Surprise

The Delivery that Almost Disappeared

*The Devil Runs the Show

*The Dirty Dealings of Deplorable Men

*The Final Blow

*The Hacking of Calendine

The Lakeside Cabin

*The Rabbit Trail

*The Real Story

*The Red Bench

*The Wake-Up Call

*What are Friends For

*A Change of Heart

*A Welcomed Departure

*An Altered Reality

*An Unexpected Shark

*An Unlikely Friendship 

*Anna's Mom

*Beating the Odds

*Chester Franks, Nobody Special?

*For the Love of Art

*Friend or Deceiver

*A Matter of Perspective


*Lost and Found: A Love Story

Lost in Paradise

*Love on the Rocks

Loves Departure

*Matters of the Heart


*Moon Dance: A Love Story

*Once an Asshole...

Popsicle Toes

*Shaving with my Dad


*The Almost Lynching of Toby Hill

*The Bench

*The Blue Rose

The Box

The Coast Rail Challenge

*The Constant Consumer

The Death of Calvin Dandy

The Death of Steven Henley

The End of Harvey Anderson

*The Glass of San Sebastian

*The Hampton Family Reunion

The Hardest Decision

The Jenkins House... Almost

*The Jumpers

The Making of a Valentine

*The Ten Cent Lover

The Three Amigos

*The Twice Given Ring

*Unspoken Love


*World Class Travelers

*A Dream Too Real

A Fallen Angel

*A French Connection

*An Impossible Recovery

Caught in the Storm

*Deja Vu

*Imagining World War Three

*The Early Harvest

*The Time Bender

*Top Gun Implosion

*When the Future Needs the Past


*14 Days in Hell

Bail-in Dress Rehearsal

Cub Reporter: Cowboys, Way Out West

Cub reporter: Cowboys, Whiskey and the Saragosa Saloon

*Cub Reporter: Humor: The Main Ingredient in cowboy Coffee

Cub reporter: Missouri Mules: Who Knew?

*Cub Reporter: Mobile Sentinel Security

Cub Reporter: Saragosa Dude Ranch: The Crazy Cattle Drive

*Cub Reporter: The Church on Hollow Hill

Cub Reporter: The Saragose Stage: Hell on Wheels

Johnson and Johnston (with a T)

*Leo and Cleo: Betrayed

*Leo and Cleo: Leo on the Lam

*Leo and Cleo: Leo's Bad Day

*Leo and Cleo: A Stranger on the Prowl

*Leo and Cleo: A New Dog on the Block

*Living the Dream

*No Heavy Lifting

*Unexpected Payback!

*Pulled Pork Surprise

The Black Mamba's

*The Millstone Barn

*The Predator and the Prey

The Sasquatch Encounter

*The Substitute Santa

*A Bad Day for Bradley West

*A Bad Idea

A Close Call

*A Hunters Dream

*A Nightmare Too Real

*A Tale of Treasure

*A Walk in the Park

*Bad Decision/ Turkish Prison

*Buried Alive


*Hell to Pay

Hill House Treasure

*Lost in the Fog


*Sudden Darkness

*The Accidental Winner

The Attic

*The Fantasy Box

*The Games Attorneys Play

*The Haunted Hillburg House

*A New World Order

*New World Order: The Underground Movement

*The Predator and the Prey

The Room From Hell

*The Skin-walker

*The Sultan's Lamp

*The Underwood Story

The Wedding Dress Curse

*U.E. Control

*Under the House

*All For the Money

*Arizona Sundown

*Chester's Last Chance

Cold Beer and Hot Sausage

*Dark night of the Soul

*Dry Well Reunion

* Freedom fighter

* Gold Fever

* Hellfire

*Jacobs Ladder

*Piano Man

* Pick's Folly

*Silas Penny and the Righteous Hand of Judgement 

* Soul Search

*The Arizona Kid

*The Bounty Hunter

*The Death of El Diablo

*The Decision

*The Drovers

*The Final Clue

*The Hunter Creek Incident

*The Lone Oak

*The Lone Stranger

*The Man From Piney Woods

*The Reunion

* The Revenge of Jacob Willis

*The Strange Disappearance of Grady O'Doul

*The Vagabond

*The Whiskey Dilemma

*Too Close for Comfort