Scott Gese

I was born feet first and naked. The doctor who performed the delivery held me up by the ankles and slapped my ass. That was my first human interaction and my first welcome to the real world. 

Coming onto the scene feet first set me up to hit the ground running. I did and I've never looked back.

Born East of the Dakota's and raised in the American West has given me a unique vantage point and as some might argue, a somewhat skewed perspective of how I see things.

I would beg to differ. 

Over the years I developed a skill for outdoor photography, and later, writing. The two have come together in a somewhat symbiotic relationship as I pursue my interest in sharing the things I've seen and the places I've been.

My writing includes both factual magazine articles and fictional short stories with an occasional novel added to the mix.

The slap on the ass? I've yet to figure out where that comes into play.

A Few of My Photo's

For an article I wrote about the small town of Brownsville, Oregon
For an article I wrote about the Grotto in Portland, Oregon
For an Article I wrote, for Antique Power magazine about using a tractor to turn an old fashioned ice cream maker.

A Few of My Articles

Rope & Wire website  /  Brownsville, Oregon - Beloved By All Who Enter

Antique Power Magazine  /  We All Scream for Tractor Ice Cream

Barefoot Writer Magazine  /  How Gardening Improved My Copywriting Career

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