500 Word Short Story
The Making of a Valentine
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

Their paths first crossed in a small Oregon town. The local theater was playing Coal Miner's Daughter. She worked the concession stand. He was hired as a doorman. His boss told him not to flirt with the girls, but he paid him no mind.

His attention went toward others, but his eye was always on her. She was dating another so he kept his distance. She didn't. Soon they were dating each other, but it was short lived. She abruptly broke it off and married her former lover. He was devastated.

He left the theater and found full time work as a carpenter. He thought about her from time to time and wondered if she ever thought of him. One day, by chance, they ran into each other. Seems they frequented the same local laundromat. They small talked while her laundry ran through the dry cycle. He helped her fold her sheets. They parted company. He realized that deep down inside, he still missed her.

Several months had passed when one evening his phone rang. He answered it and she was on the line. Her marriage had fallen apart and she needed someone to talk to. He was thrilled that she had called him. They talked for awhile and decided to meet. Soon they started dating again. He was in love. They soon moved in together but it was too fast for her and the arrangement was short lived. She moved back to her parents house. Once again, he was devastated.

She wanted to keep seeing him. He was wary, but love is a funny thing and his feelings for her were too strong, so he agreed. This time they moved much slower. In its own time, love blossomed, the stars aligned and they once again lived under one roof.

They married on a Friday afternoon. It was a simple ceremony at the county courthouse. Within the year, they moved to Southern Idaho where they worked together in a potato factory making french fries. After several years she grew homesick, so they moved back to Oregon where they raised two children. Both boys. The kids grew up fast, or so it seemed. They were good kids. Handsome and talented. Both went on to college and became successful in their chosen fields.

They both started lives of their own and soon the nest was empty. The two had a chance to deepen their relationship. They did some traveling. They reconnected with each other. They laughed.

After thirty-eight years they're still together and still in love. Like most relationships, they've had their share of ups and downs and weathered many storms. The path may not have been straight or easy, but they took it together, always managing to keep their wits about them and their heads above water.

After they retired, they moved to a warmer climate where to this day they remain deeply in love and live an idyllic life. They are growing old together and living life... happily ever after.

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