500 Word Short Story
A Snake in the Grass
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

Her name was Daisy. She was an older woman who lived alone. Her husband had died years earlier and her relatives couldn't be bothered to help her right when she needed them the most.

Charles had met Daisy through an acquaintance. He knew she was alone, so he took it upon himself to befriend her. He began to visit her once a week. They spent the afternoon together talking and sipping coffee. Daisy loved her afternoons with Charles. He was so charming and knowledgeable about world affairs. They seemed to have a lot in common.

In her younger days, Daisy was interested in the stock market. She had built up a large portfolio worth close to 750 thousand dollars. None of her relatives were aware of her net worth and she didn't volunteer to tell them. Charles was an investor himself. Their conversations about money and the market were always enjoyable.

The weekly visits went on for three years. The family talked among themselves about Charles and how close he had gotten to Daisy. Some even speculated he might be trying to get at her money, but they weren't concerned enough to step in, mainly because they didn't think Daisy had much to steal. Plus, as long as Charles was checking in on her, they didn't have to.

During their time together, Daisy unknowingly gave Charles much more of her personal information than she realized. When legal matters came up or bills needed to be payed, Charles was right there to give her a hand. Over time, he knew exactly what she was worth.

Daisy eventually ended up in the hospital. When her relatives heard, they came to visit. That's when they found out that Daisy had (unknowingly) made Charles the executor of her estate. He had the say in both her health and legal matters.

The family was furious. They accused him to his face of exploiting her. Charles assured them that that was not the case. He only wanted what was best for Daisy and since no relative had come forward to help, he took it upon himself to take on the responsibility.

Charles was a smooth talker and he managed to calm down the relatives who were making the biggest fuss.

Daisy never left the hospital. She passed away in her sleep. Charles notified the relatives and let them know and that they needed to make arrangements for her burial. They were sorry to hear the news and glad Charles had informed them, but what they really wanted to know was what Daisy had left them in her will.

A meeting was set for the coming weekend. They would all meet at Daisy's house to discuss the will. That weekend the family members showed up, but Charles never did. Daisy's bank accounts had been drained and all of her financial assets had been sold off. The relatives were left with nothing.

Charles had disappeared. He had moved west and quickly befriended a nice older woman named Beth.

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