Side Trail

Side Trail

Over the years I've turned down some pretty darn good western short stories and articles because they didn't meet the submission requirements of being a traditional western short story. Feeling like I was leaving some good writing on the table and some good authors without a voice on Rope and Wire, I started a Side Trail section where published authors could promote themselves and their writing through more contemporary western short stories and western themed articles. (Some of you may remember it)

When I relocated the website to where it's now hosted, I left the Side Trail section behind. Even though I felt it needed to be done at the time, I've always regretted that move.

It's now time to get this off my mind and do something about it. So here it is. The newly resurrected Rope and Wire Side Trail section.

Here you'll find a healthy mix of contemporary western short stories, western themed articles.

Take a look. If you like what you see, feel free to contribute to this section. If I post your contribution, I'll gladly make sure you get a return favor by linking back to your Amazon page and your Rope and Wire authors page if you have one.

Click on any authors image to go to their Side Trail authors page and read their stories.

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