500 Word Short Story
The Delivery that Almost Disappeared
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

“Wow, 15 million,” remarked Kyle. “I've never carried this much cash in one trip. This has got to be a new record.”

“I've carried more, but it always makes me nervous,” replied Jeremy.

One driver and one guard doesn't seem like much for this kind of cash. You'd think they would have added at least one more guard.” noted Kyle.

“We're only going across town. Lock me in and we'll be OK.”

Kyle locked Jeremy into the back of the armored car and jumped into the cab. A mile down the road they hit a detour. Kyle got on the intercom. “Road construction ahead, Jeremy. We're being detoured. This wasn't on the route report this morning. I don't feel good about this.”

“Just stay alert. Call it in and let dispatch know what's up,” replied Jeremy.

Before Kyle could get on the radio, the construction brought them to a stop just as they turned onto the detour road. A maintenance worker walked up to the truck. “Hey, I used to work for this outfit. I know you guys get nervous sitting like this. I sure did. One of our guys dumped his gravel in the wrong spot. The detour's going to be blocked for a few minutes, but I know there's enough room for you to get through before we start to scoop it up. Why don't you go on ahead. I'll let the guys up front know you're coming. They'll let you past.”

“Thanks,” replied Kyle. “We appreciate it.” Kyle started moving again. They were the only ones allowed to pass the barrier.

About a half mile down the road they hit another road block. “Oh shit,” barked Kyle into the intercom. “We're in trouble.”

The road was blocked by a backhoe and a small crane. Next to the road was a large hole. Several men in body armor held assault rifles. One of them walked up to the cab. Kyle locked himself in.

“You can get out now or be buried alive along with the truck. The choice is yours,” the man remarked.

Kyle got on the radio but the signal had been jammed. The crane moved in and started to pick up the truck. Once it was in the air, the two men were given one last chance. Neither men relished the thought of being buried alive so they decided to take their chances with the robbers. Kyle opened the door and the truck was put back onto the ground.

Kyle turned over his key. As soon as the back door was opened, two hand grenades rolled out onto the ground. they exploded killing all three men.

Jeremy stepped out. “That was too easy. You can bet the others at the main detour are involved in this. Get in and let's get the hell out of here.”

Kyle radioed their location as soon as he could. They were met by several squad cars who safely escorted them to their final destination.

© Copyright 2019 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.