Beyond the western
A New World Order
Scott A. Gese

Image Source: JoanBrown51 / Pixabay

The world as he knew it changed overnight. Even though he saw it coming, he, and many others chose to ignore the signs.

Beyond the Western

Carl Peyton was sixty-five years old. He had retired at 62. That was three years ago.

Today was the first day of his new job.

He was working again, but he was not happy about it. It wasn’t something he wanted to do. He wasn’t given a choice. He was being forced into it.

Unprecedented events had recently rocked the world. Most chose not to see it coming, others were powerless to stop it.

There was a new world Government in power and they had made it mandatory for every able bodied man and woman over the age of eighteen and not enrolled in college, to work.

If you were disabled, you disappeared.

When you finished going through twelve years of educational indoctrination, you were assigned a job and you worked the job you were given until you died or the Government decided otherwise. You had no say. If you balked or made trouble, you could expect to be swiftly moved to a job in the mines or cold country. These were the unpleasant jobs reserved for non-conformists and trouble makers. There was a zero tolerance policy in place and it was strictly adhered to.

If you were fortunate enough to be enrolled in college, you were told what to study. When you graduated, you went to work in your area of your expertise, at the job you were assigned. You only went to college if it was appointed to you. And that was only if you sucked up to the new system.

If you wanted a halfway decent life, It was best to toe the line.

Carl had worked as a home builder all his life. He had retired to a nice house on a five acre plot of land. His investments, pension and Social Security was more than enough to live out his days in relative comfort and ease. He had earned it.

Six months ago all hell broke loose. Overnight, world Governments were overthrown by a powerful elite. A world-wide shadow Government had finally revealed itself.

Before they stepped into the light, they were only believed to exist by so-called crackpots and conspiracy theorists. They tried to spread the word and open people’s eyes to the truth of what was happening. They were preaching to people who were too distracted to pay attention.

Most people didn’t give them a second thought. They blew them off as alarmists even though the signs were all around them. Geoengineering, Weather Modification, Agenda 21, occasional forced social distancing and banned group gatherings, Public Education had turned to “Indoctrination” and the Militarization of local, state and federal police forces.

The signs were all there. These things were either talked down, lied about or ignored altogether by the Mainstream Media.

These media Organizations were nothing more than talking mouths spewing Government propaganda in the format of a “news” program. They were all part of the control system.

Network television in general was used to pacify people by the billions with confrontational sporting events and mindless television programs. Another form of passive mind control.

When the overthrow happened and a world Government took over, like sheep to the slaughter, most people, especially the younger generation, went right along with what they were being told. They stayed in line as they watched their freedom get stripped away from them. Afraid to say a word.

Police forces around the world became the local control that kept the peace by either cracking the heads or outright killing those who saw through the facade and resisted. Social distancing and house confinement controls were put in place whenever it was necessary to keep the peace.

Overnight, all social welfare programs were abolished.

Carl Peyton lost his pension and his Social Security. He wasn’t alone. Everyone did. He also had his house and land taken from him. His bank account was drained and he was moved to the city and placed in a 500 square foot apartment with a roommate he didn’t even know. To survive, he was assigned a job as a finish carpenter.

If he had resisted, he would have been considered a troublemaker and either sent to the mines or worse. They made it well known there was zero tolerance for trouble makers. They were not part of the program.

Carl felt compelled to comply with it all. Life as he knew it was now over. The conspiracy theorist’s were right. He should have payed more attention while he had the chance. Now it was too late… or was it.

Carl’s new roommate wasn’t happy either and he didn’t plan to comply for long. He wasn’t alone. Carl soon learned there were several resistance movements already in operation. Set up by those who saw and believed what no one else would. Seems the New World Order would not have it so easy after all.

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