Rope and Wire's Newest Western Short Stories

Buffalo Hunters Saga ends and a new one starts with one of the main characters. SNOW WOMAN: The Marriage (March 1868) by Bob Fincham

Billy Cotton by Martyn C. Marais

Jeremiah Jose “Joe “Jackman, Juror by Tom Sheehan

Mister Chan by Jay Peters

The Real, Lonely, Original John Hancock of Cowboy Country by Tom Sheehan

Calvin Hill Cutter, Gun Doctor by Tom Sheehan

Milkweed Montrose and a Pretty Lady by Tom Sheehan

Side Trail Story / Jose Aguinaldo Yazzi by Steve Levi

Side Trail Story / Vernon Tillmon by Steve Levi

Side Trail Story / Sherril Romanov by Steve Levi

Joshua and the Buffalo Hunter by Rich Ritter

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