Rope and Wire's Newest Western Short Stories

Dakota Clothesline by Elisabeth Grace Foley

The Truest Texan of Them All by Tom Sheehan

Trot Parker, Horseman, Hunter, Hero by Tom Sheehan

The Three-By Lad of West Kansas by Tom Sheehan

The Last Ten Seconds of Eddie Lee's Life by Tom Sheehan

Snow Woman: The Wolfpack (February 1872) by Bob Fincham

Bullpen story, Welcome to the West by David Brynjolfson

Bare-Faced Outrage Part 3: Justice of Sorts by Martyn Marais

Bare-Faced Outrage Part 2: Vengeance by Martyn C. Marais

Snow Woman: Nightshade’s Last Journey (June 1871) By Bob Fincham