Tom F. Sheehan

Tom F. Sheehan
Western Short Story

A Prolific Writer of Western Myth, Fable and Fiction

Tom Sheehan never ceases to amaze me. He writes alot. More than anyone I know. How one man can come up with so many story lines is beyond me.

He once said that when he was younger he owned five typewriters. He always had a story going in each one. It reminded me of a chess master playing multiple boards at one time. That's Tom Sheehan, a writing master. He writes in multiple genres, not just the western.

This is Tom Sheehan's library. The page links to his many western short stories. You can lose yourself in any one of them. Scroll down the page and enjoy.

A letter from Tom to Scott (in part)


The people who went west in the early days of our country came from many countries and customs, and brought much of their culture with them. Nothing is more intriguing and interesting to me than their pursuits, their dreams, and the harsh life they entered.

I attempt to write stories about those struggles and achievements that spread this country from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. They carried all kinds of visions that drove them onward; and in these pursuits they rose, they fell, they faulted, they were often exalted or saluted, they served, and many survived the harshest rigors.

Their stories, fact or fiction, where we rarely know the complete details of any act, should be carried on. I attempt to keep my part in this interest. I have found in you and your vision, Rope and Wire Magazine, and your contributors, the same interests and passions for the past that I have and consider myself quite lucky the day I came across the site, 7/8/07...

Carry on with great success.

Tom Sheehan

Western short stories Bio. of Tom Sheehan

Sheehan (31st Infantry, Korea 1951-52; Boston College 1952-1956) has multiple works in Rosebud, Linnet’s Wings, Serving House Journal, Literally Stories, Copperfield ReviewLiterary OrphansIndiana Voices Journal, Frontier TalesWestern Online, Faith-Hope and Fiction, EastlitRope & Wire Magazine, The Literary Yard, Green Silk Journal, Fiction on the Web, The Path, etc. He has 16 Pushcart nominations, 6 Best of the Net nominations (one winner).

Later book publications include The CowboysBeside the Broken TrailIn the Garden of Long Shadows, Between Mountain and River, Catch a Wagon to a Star, and Jock Poems and Reflections for Proper Bostonians, by Pocol Press, and Jehrico by Danse Macabre. Back Home in Saugus (a collection) is being considered, as is Beneath My Feet This Earth Slips into the Far-side of Another’s Telescope and Pages from Fallen Books. In production status is The Grand Royal Stand-off at Darby’s Creek and Other Stories at Pocol Press.

Recent releases include  Small Victories for the Soul VII, from Wilderness House Literary Review, and Alone, with the Good Graces from Pocol Press. He was Danse Macabre’s 2016 Writer-in-Residence in Las Vegas.

Here's a link to all of Tom's books on Amazon>>




Aces and Jacks

A Daughter in the Mix

A Dragoon's Adventure

An Eye for an Ear

A Fulsome Moon for Abby Newt

A Garden of Plenty

A Greater Kingdom and a Lesser Court

A Gunfighter's Last Call

Alias the Cook

A Mannequin for Missy Drumm

A Matter of Disguise

Amigo Juan's War

A Mountain Man's Gold

A Place for Smitty

A Posse for the Taking

A Potent Proposal

A Prairie Christmas Wish

A Rescued Boy

A Saddle in the Desert

A Shadowed Amulet

A Shivaree for Goldilocks

A Soldier's Crusade

A Soldier's Legacy

At Ease with SGT. Able Startooth

An Incident of Alliance

Atten Attenosity

A Twins Revenge

A Western Proposal

A Woman's Revenge

Bad-Boy Goode

Barn Raising at Escondido

Before the Morning Star

Big Train

Biography of a Cowboy

Black Possum Down


Blue Morning for Memory

Boot Hill Legacy

Boots and Squeakers

Boy in a Cave

Brace Danby, Pony Rider


Breakout at Stone Hill

Bronco Dubbins, in Strange Pursuit

Brushback From Death's Door

Buck John

Bugle Calls from Graves Hill

Burial of a Dark Charger

By Arizona Sunsets

Cabin on Hodd's Mountain

Caleb Bonner, Loaner

Caligo's Reservation

Calumet Stockridge and the Odyssey

Catching a Wagon to the Stars

Caves of the Gods, Heart of the Mountain

Charlemagne Killabrew, Civil War Veteran

Chase Holman's Kidnapping

Cheri's Place in Brooksville

Chigger Boom and the Night the Devil Broke Loose

Child of the Grass


Chronicle of a Bank Robbery

Circus in the Valley of Ten Chiefs

Clay Hartung, Kid Wrangler

Coachman's Find


Coop and Scoop

Covana from Wolf Hill

Cowboy Dawn

Cowboy from Afar

Crescent Moon for One-Dog-Left

Cross on the Hill, Hawk in the Sky

Crossing Waters

Dead Canyon Hideout

Deadeye Dolly Provident

Dead Pony Lookout

Death Hangs in the Shadows

Death of the Pale Rider

Death Rides a Long Shadow

Death Too Quick for the Hurry

Decision from the Valley of Lost Sun

Destination Idaho

Dishonor Returns

Dog Bone for the Bounty Hunter

Dorbruk Malkev

Downwind of Murder

Duel at the Dividing Sun Saloon

Dust and Shadows

Early Knight, Late Knight

Empty Saddle at Dawn

Execution at Skeetersville

Exodus Two, Western Style

Face at the Window

Fair Exchange

Falcon Eddie

Falseto Sheriff

Fast-draw Hickey

Fire Sticks

Fisher MacKerell

Flaws of Character 

Friends and Enemies

From the Palisades to the Sierra Nevadas

Gaucho From Chestnut Hill

Ghost Shooter of the Tetons

God of two Mountains, Montowanta

Gray Day in a Gray Town

Grandpa's Tale From Johnson's Ranch

Great Sky

Greg Knighthawk, Sheriff, Taxico County

Gregory Tolliver, Tascosa Gunsmith

Guilty Billy Never Hung

Gun Hero Comes Clean

Gunman's Holiday

Gunmen of Jingo Valley

Guns and Shadows

Gunsmoke Valley

Here Comes Cutler

High Canyon Deadlock

High Country Hideout

High Stakes Teacher

Highway to Heaven in the Foothills

Hired Out from Hatchet Falls

Hobie's sugar Still

Hooligan Hide-out


Horse Killer's Injun

Horse of a Different Color

Horse of Another Color

Hostage on Horseback

How to Lose a Badge

Ivaloo Outside the Lines

Jake Armitage and the Lady of the House

Jacques Cree and the High Camp Stand-off

Jail Break at Bear Creek

Jehrico and Chico and the Western Conservation Society Inc.

Jehrico and Chico the Mexican Orphan

Jehrico and Lupalazo

Jehrico and Lupalazo Townships, Inc.

Jehrico and the Cock-Eyed Burro

Jehrico's Creek, The Secret of

Jehrico Finds a Mistress

Jehrico's Mercantile Hijinks, Inc.

Jehrico's Mine of Good Deeds and Dead Goods

Jehrico's New Venture

Jehrico's Sign

Jehrico's Tub

Jehrico's Wolf Pup

Jeremy Slade's Trip to Oblivian

Joey Charlo and the Big Black Bear

Josiah Weaverlake and the Dog Pack

Just Luke...

Just Take His Boots

Kershaw, Knighted and a Cowboy to Boot

Kid Bullet and the Gainful Ministry

Lack of Evidence

Lady With a Red Umbrella

Lady With Child

Lakota Betty

Last Call at Fremont Hill

Last Man Abroad

Last Stage from Crow's Hill

Late Visits to Maggie's Turf


Little Man, Big Gun

Lizard Mountain Water Hole

Lone Dog Amid Apple Seeding

Lonely Child of the Grass

Lost Colony

Lucien Dalpe and the Desperados

Madame Law

Manhattan Eddie

Man with the Black Hearse

Matt Nightcloth, Man of the Hills

Max Braxton, Trail Hand

Me and Tozzer

Mexico George and the Cabin at Rio Del Poncho

Miss Martha's Signature

Mother McCree and Me

Mrs. Binnie Minn of Shangri-La

Murder Plays a Merry Tune

Music of the Mountain

Music Slow Enough for Dancing

Mystery Gable of Knobby's Nook

Never Too Late for Promises

New Man in Town

Newt Tewksbury, Bugler

Noah Bickford at the Great Divide

No Edge to Glory

Note for The Bright Star

Nothing But Stardust in the Making

Odyssey of a French Swordsman

One Town Too Many

One Way Through Glass Pass

One Way to McAlister's, or Manitou's Tipi

Only the Dead Cry Lonely

Outlaws' Peak

Packer and Son

Parker Hudson and the Prairie Warbler

Part Sioux, Part Soldier


Plumbeck the Fiddler

Pony Balladeer

Portrait of a Bushwhacker

Posting to Oregon

Quick hand of a Loser

Quinn Cosgair's Treasure

Rabbit in the Stew

Ragskin Nevada

Renegade Sheriff

Retribution at Great Caves

Revelations 1, 2 and 3

Revenge of a Lonesome Lady

Ringer for Hire

Rosco Drummond to the Rescue

Rubin Barnstead, Optimist

Sam Kirkness, Sheriff

Secret of the Cave

Secret of the Stone

Seven Cave Canyon

Shadow Creek

Shag Hannah, Cow Man, Ladies Man

Shag Monroe, Crevice Hunter, Newly Appointed

Sharpe's Mountain Inn

Shoot and Pray

Shooter in Buckskin

Short Changed in Rockweed

Showdown in the Field of Gods

Shropshire Transport

Six-gun Sugar Stetson in a Race for Life

Slow Finger on the Trigger, or Sure-shot Sue



Spade Pickett's Murder Case

Speedwing, Legend in the Making

Stolen Flag, Arkansas 1st Mounted Rifles

Summons of the Mountain

Sunset Duel by Demand

Swapping Badges

Sycamores Bound

Tale of Two Trail Blazers

Tall Yarns and Long-Strung Tales

Tenor in the Canyon

Texas Town

Tied One On

Tom Vespers From Waco

Too Lonely for Dying

Towards The Blue Morning

Trent Coyne and the Bounty Hunters

Trick Shooter from Pepper Hill

Trouble on the Paper Trail

Tuckerby and Cutlass and the Noise Holder

Two Fathoms Down

Two Fingers in the Stew

Two-Gun Rock, Singer

Two Guns West

Two Sheriffs Paired for Rescue

Valley of the lost swan

Waco Willy

Wagon Wheels

War Comes to Mount Barr

Water Rift

Westerly Trails Through Tribal Lands

When Guns Get Tossed Aside

When the Sheriff Came to Hammerfield

Where the Last Star Went

Where the River Splits

Will Halfloaf, the Bumbler

Yuma Tranquility

The Ace of Jacks

The Aztec Raiders

The Back of Beyond

The Badge and the Good Word

The Badger

The Barber's Romance

The Barkeep and the Kid

The Battle at Ford's Creek

The Big Booms

The Black

The Bluecoat's Death

The Boy from Great Red

The Break in the Fence

The Bridge at Lomax Falls

The Bridle Couples

The Bridge to Maggie's Meadow

The Bridgetown Bard

The Broken Spur

The Broomstick Cowboy

The Church at the End of God's Green Grass

The Cimarron Split

The Colonel's Chagrin

The Comanchero Hunter

The Confrontation

The Cowtown Candlemaker

The Craterville Catastrophe

The Dam at Wasahoa

The Deacon's Law and Order, Lucky Lu and Duke

The Deputy's Gun and Girl

The Devel's Dew

The Doctor's Lament

The Drifting

The Drummer's Place

The Duel at Dusty Flats

The First Schooner Brigade, Westward Ho

The Formal Transitions

The Freighters' Return Engagement

The Gambler from Norcross, Wyoming

The Game

The Gang at Fuerte Verde

The General Storekeeper

The Gentleman Banker from Calico Split

The Ghost Riders of Calico County

The Ghosts at Horseshoe Creek

The Ghosts of Soldier's Creek

The Ghosts of Delta Split II

The Giant Lobo Killer of Howza City

The Girl With the Long Dream

The Goat Killer, A Sharpshooter's Story

The Godly Search

The Great Mexican Raid

The Great Raid on Quipilanta

The Gun

The Gunman at Eagle Pass

The Hawk

The Hawk and the Can of Peaches

The Heel or the Spur

The Hooded Horde

The Hooded Specter

The Horse Keeper

The Horseman of the Davidos

The Howling Beast of Catlo County

The Independence Watchdog

The Judge

The Judge and Jury Ensemble

The Jug at Chaco Canyon

The Kelly Green Colt

The Kid from Cravasse City

The Kid from Shadowdance

The Kid Messenger

The Kid Witness

The Kidskin Killer

The Lady's Man

The Lady From Random Two

The Lady Who Looked Like Linda Dove

The Last Train to Silver Creek

The Legend of Bear-with-Wings, Kiowa

The Legend of Blue Soldier Riding, Kiowa

The Legend of the Old Man of the West

The Liar's Game at the Wobbly Cow Saloon

The Limp Effect

The Lone Grenadier

The Lonely Line Rider

The Lost Badge

The Man in Black Hung on the Barn Door

The Marker

The Mess for the Sages

The Miner's Son

The Missing Sheriff

The Mysterious Grave Digger

The Mysterious Passenger

The Neckstretcher

The New Balkan Empire

The Orphan from Ciudad Verde Palido

The Osage Company Well

The Other Side of the Badge

The Other Side of the Tracks

The Outlaw Sheriff Otto Pilsner

The Outlaw's Outlaw

The Palace

The Passage at Muscle Hill

The Pony Balladeer

The Pumquich Thievery

The Quiet Ghost of Drover Down

The Raggedies

The Raid at Nikninisht-ta Peak

The Raid on Brentwood

The Return of Quipilanta

The Ride from Kingdom Come

The Roadman's Last Call

The Rose Bar

The Rousting at Circle Creek

The Salt of Vatcher's Mine

The Scot's Bonnie Bonnet

The 2nd Dead Horse Saloon

The Sheriff of Crawford's Corner

The Sheriffs

The Sheriffs Son

The Shepherd's Keeper

The Short Tale of Gunfighter Shjon Oh's

The Shoshoni Sheriff

The Silent Horseman

The Smoky Mountain Hideout

The Son of Cattle Barons

The Soul of Shiloh Two

The Start of Hansen's Beer, Best in the West

The Storming of Peltsville

The Sudden Riches of the Misbegotten Sheriff

The Tale of Kellbren, Confederate Veteran

The Teller at Waco Grand Bank

The Texas Legend Makers

The Texas Shadow

The Trooper and the Dog Star

The Trouble With Sheriffs

The Tunnel at Crescendo Rift

The Viking Road

The Wanted Posters Marked X

The Wrawpicks