Western Short Stories

Western short stories have always been the cornerstone of the Rope and Wire website. The authors who contribute their time and talent to this website play an important roll in its ongoing success.

It's a partnership more than anything. Published western authors trade short stories for name recognition and the promotion of their books. It's always worked well and as long as Rope and Wire exists, this partnership will continue. 

Clicking on any of the author images below this text will take you to that authors page where you'll find their Bio., links to their books and social media outlets as well as their posted short stories for your reading enjoyment.

If you will, please let these authors know what you think. Your feedback is important to them. There's a comment section at the bottom of each story. It would be great if you'd leave one.

I hope this site, and these western short stories help you discover new authors to follow. Links to their books are located just under their Bio.

If you're a published author and interested in partnering with Rope and Wire. Hit the Contact button located in the navigation bar to the left or Message me from the Rope and Wire Facebook page and we'll talk.


Top Guns are western authors with 10 or more stories posted to Rope and Wire.

These authors understand the advantage of getting their stories to the top of the list. It's all about promoting their work here through short stories, so readers like you will become familiar with who they are and learn their writing style. If you enjoy what you're reading, hopefully you'll follow the provided links to the books they have for sale.


Below the Top Guns section you'll find more great western authors who are working toward, but have yet to reach "Top Gun" status.

Hard Working Authors Who Have Yet To Reach "Top Gun" Status

They'll get there. Click on an image to reach their page. Here's where you can read more great western short stories.

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