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Pulp fiction magazines were inexpensive magazines published from the late 1800's to the mid 1950's. The term pulp refers to the cheap paper on which the magazines were printed on. Typically, a pulp magazine was 7 x 10 inches and had close to 120 pages. Its edges were ragged and untrimmed.

There were quite a few western pulps published over the years and many of the western short stories found in these magazines are dying a slow death, lost in the public domain. If I can help it I won't let them die. I'm actively looking and as I find them I'll post these great gems of the past, right here for your reading enjoyment. Click on any image below to go to that author's western pulp short stories. 

Western Short Stories: Pulp Westerns of the Past

Keep in mind these stories were written close to 80 years ago. Political Correctness wasn't part of the culture back then. These stories reflect the times they were written in. They are what they are. If you find that offensive, don't read them.