About Rope and Wire

Marketing your book is not an easy task.

Rope and Wire came online in 2007 as a platform to help authors of the western genre like you, promote yourself and your work. Since day one we've been working hard at doing just that. We've built a reputation around the ability to direct a targeted audience to the social media outlets and the published books of the authors who have become an important part of the Rope and Wire website.

Each month, thousands of targeted enthusiasts of the western genre are drawn to the pages of this website through various means. 

If you want to create a buzz around your new book, introduce its characters to your fans, or just showcase your writing style. You can do that here.

Rope and Wire is committed to promoting western authors. From here, your book will gain valuable exposure and new readers.


As I've done with many other western authors, I'll set up a dedicated authors page just for you with links to your website, books and social media outlets.

There are no dues, no fees and no hidden costs. Bottom line, Rope and Wire is here for one reason only. To promote the west and those who write about it.

All I ask from you is a reason for people to open your page. This is as simple as a western short story or excerpt from one of your books (written as a short story).

Rope and Wire will do the rest.

Rope and Wire can help you now>>

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