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Two New Book Releases by Rope and Wire Member Dave P. Fisher

When Dusk Falls

 Nineteen-year-old Dane Chandler rode away from his father’s grave with one  intention – to kill the man who had murdered him over a maverick yearling. As he  left behind his home, his place on the Branson Ranch and, most importantly, the  girl he had planned to marry, his father’s best friend left him with a prophecy and a  light, ‘The time will come when you will see the error of this decision. You will be  lost in an endless night, but dusk comes before the night, Dane remember that.  Before the night, when dusk falls, remember the way home.’ 
 The next two years found Dane living the life of a gunfighter, hired gun, and  professional gambler. Then came the day in Denver when he found himself lost in  that endless night and knew it was time to put up the gun and go home, yet it was  not to be that easy. There was still one more fight and the final showdown with the  man who had once been his partner and his best friend. 

Ride With Enmity

The war has been over for 13 years, but Texan August Miller, Marshal for Judge Parker and former Confederate cavalryman, never accepted the South’s surrender. His enmity for all things Yankee fuels his anger as he chafes at the northern victors lording it over the defeated south and carpetbaggers growing rich on the spoils. 
Pushed to the brink of his paper-thin Yankee tolerance he strikes back and becomes a wanted outlaw on the run. Envisioning himself a Confederate patriot, August delivers a blow against his hated oppressors; an act which leads him down a road where he is both hero and villain until he realizes that his life is spiraling out of control, that he has lost more than he ever gained, and all that lies at the end of the road is a rope.