Western Short Stories
J. R. Lindermuth

J. R. Lindermuth

Western Short Story Bio. of J. R. Lindermuth

A retired newspaper editor, J. R. Lindermuth lives and writes in a house built by a man who rode with Buffalo Bill--which may have helped inspire his interest in the West. His 15 published novels are a mix of mystery and historical fiction. Since retiring, he's served as librarian for his county historical society, assisting patrons with genealogy and research. He is a member of International Thriller Writers and a past vice president of the Short Mystery Fiction Society.

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Western Short Stories by J. R. Lindermuth


J.R. Lindermuth

“Luck haint nothin’ but an accident, boy, and that’s the truth,” the old man told his companion.

They were sitting in the pines on a bench overlooking the little town that was Boone’s destination. The town was only a few weeks old and Boone had headed for it as soon as he heard about the strike that precipitated its growth.

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By J. R. Lindermuth

The outlaw was busy currying his horse when Abel Kane entered the stable.

Rowdy Joe McKibben glanced at him, but didn't hesitate in his task. "Figured you'd be along sooner or later, Sheriff. They tell you where to find me?"

"Jacobs did."

Rowdy Joe nodded his head. "Never should have teamed up with those fool amateurs."

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J.R. Lindermuth

Flynn drew back on the reins and surveyed the sod hut tucked neatly into the coulee below him. Between the stream below the house and the blessing of a few summer showers, the grass seemed in better shape than the drought-stricken sections he'd left behind him that morning. A wisp of smoke drifted up from the chimney of the lean-to kitchen. Read the full story HERE>>