Western Short Stories
J. Houston-Emerson

J. Houston-Emerson

Western short stories Bio. of J. Houston-Emerson

A registered member of the Cherokee Nation, I am a mixed blood with a noteworthy Indian heritage. I have lived in New York City where I worked for the Smithsonian, National Museum of the American Indian and studied art. I returned to Oklahoma in 1997 to write, continue museum work ,and teach Art History of the American Indian at the University of Central Oklahoma. I am a published writer (The Myth Makers) and a professional artist with many group exhibitions and several solo exhibitions and awards.

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Western Short Stories by J. Houston-Emerson


J. Houston-Emerson

January 1840, the Illinois River, I.T.

The Cherokee people who lived by the banks of the Coosa called it The Long Person. Here in the new land they are making their camps by an unfamiliar body of water. It is the Illinois river and they are pleased with the sight of it. Indian life in the valleys they came from in the upper northwest corner of Alabama was tied strongly to their river. It was their means of travel among the villages. It was this and much more. Read the full story HERE>>

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