Western Short Stories
L. Glen Enloe

L. Glen Enloe

Western Short Stories Bio. of L. Glen Enloe

L. Glen Enloe is a retired former rural real estate advertising writer and graphic artist. He is the authored of three western novels, five books of cowboy poetry and an Old West non-fiction book. His fourth and newest western novel, Black Eyes in Western Skies is in the works. He' is a member of the Western Writers of America and a member of the Missouri Cowboy Poet's Association. He has also received nominations from the Academy of Western Artists and for a Pushcart Prize.

His books can be found on Amazon HERE>>

The Last Drink

(based on a true incident in the fading West)

By L. Glen Enloe

The saloon man, old Joe Wiggins, nodded with a half-smile as he poured John Smolly a shot of whiskey. It was the first drink of the night for John, and he had savored the thought of it all day. As he now held the tempting brown liquid up in the dim gold sheen of the poorly lit Bull Horn Saloon, he acknowledged his old partner, Manning Jones, at the far end of the bar. Read the full story HERE>> 

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