Western Short Stories
Ron Lewis

Ron Lewis

Ron Lewis has had a lifelong interest and love of both history and westerns. Blending fact and fiction, mixing real characters and those created from whole cloth, his stories are his views of the old west of the 19th century. Mr. Lewis's roots in Oklahoma reach back to the 19th century when his great-grandfather John moved through the Indian territories yearly, operating a traveling musical group. ​Hearing stories from his father, uncles and grandfather about life in the late 19th centuries kindled a love for those bygone days. Many of these stories are the basis for his writing.

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Western Short Stories by Ron Lewis

Beyond the Mountain

Ron Lewis

© Copyright 2017 by Ron Lewis

Deputy US Marshal Wounded Hawk is ready to head back to Golden City, after taking a prisoner to Estes Park, Colorado. But when a group of bandits decide to pick that particular bank to rob, Hawk and the local Marshal's posse set out in pursuit. The half breed Marshal will need all his Indian tracking skills to catch up to this band of outlaws. But the posse are ill prepared for the gang leader's relentless pursuit of freedom.


It wasn’t easy being a half-breed in the world of the white man. Wounded Hawk pulled his coat up around him against the air that had chilled overnight. Might be winter’s knocking on fall’s door, Hawk reasoned. The half-white, half-Indian felt something more than frost in the air. He peered around the stable. Yeah, I’m right, he thought, as the owner glared at him. If Hawk weren’t a deputy US Marshal, he wouldn’t have even been allowed to board his horses here. The hotels had rejected him, each of the desk clerks holding up their hands as he entered, as if to stop him even asking before informing him “We don’t allow Injuns or breeds in here.” Their hospitality, or lack of, forced Hawk to spend the night in an empty cell at the Estes Park, City Marshal’s office.

Having delivered a prisoner to their marshal, Hawk’s duty was done, and to hell with this place. All the Indian wanted to do was get on the road and back to Golden City, and shake the dust of this town from his boots. Read the full story HERE>>

Missing the Mark

Ron Lewis

Casey Elder and Roger Decker are the best of friends. Until they start to argue over everything, brought about by the close confinement over winter, and concern over their gold mine. It all comes to a head one day, and as the occupants of the saloon scatter as guns are drawn, who will live and who will survive? Read the full story HERE>>

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