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Tyler Boone

Tyler Boone

Western Short Stories Bio. of Tyler Boone

Tyler Boone is a penname for Charles Gramlich, who lives amid the piney woods of southern Louisiana. He is the author of the western collection, Killing Trail, and has contributed to such anthologies as The Shot Rang Out. Some of his western influences include Louis L'Amour, Will Henry, and Ed Gorman.

As Charles Allen Gramlich, he is the author of the five book Talera sword and planet fantasy series, which was strongly influenced by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, and Louis L'Amour. And he has written a space opera entitled Under the Ember Star, and a thriller Cold in the Light. Many of his stories have been collected in the anthologies, Bitter Steel, (fantasy), Midnight in Rosary (Vampires/Werewolves), and In the Language of Scorpions (Horror).

Charles's (and Tyler's) work is generally available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Wildside Press. He blogs on his website and is happy to connect on facebook. Just click on one of the links below.

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Western Short Stories by Tyler Boone

A Curse for Billy Boyd

Tyler Boone

Billy Boyd rode into Liberty town with violence in his heart. It was late October. A cold spell had set in over northwest Arkansas, leaving icicle teeth hanging under the eaves of the buildings and filming the water troughs with ice. Billy’s breath smoked as he came along main street and dismounted in front of the general store.  Read the full story HERE>>

Gun Law

Tyler Boone

--- 1 ---

Lane Gabriel sat his horse in the shade of the huge oak and watched the hanged man sway gently back and forth on the rope that had strangled him to death. Cicadas hummed overhead in the tree’s leaves. The horse’s tail swished at buzzing flies. A trickle of water in the nearby creek offered the only contrast to the sounds of summer heat. Read the full story HERE>>

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