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Top Ten Western Short Stories For December

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Western Short Stories
Steve Kohlhagen

Western short stories Bio. of Steve Kohlhagen

Steve Kohlhagen is a former economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley, a former Wall Street investment banking executive, and is on several corporate boards, most recently elected to the board of Freddie Mac. While at Berkeley he authored many economics publications, and has, more recently, published two historical fiction Western novels, both by Sunstone Press: the award winning, “Where They Bury You,” and the sequel “Chief of Thieves." He and his wife Gale jointly published the murder mystery "Tiger Found" in 2008 under their joint pen name of Steven Gale; in 2015 it was re-published by Sunstone Press under their own names as "Vanished." Kohlhagen also pulled from his own knowledge of the West, as he divides his time between the New Mexico-Colorado border high in the San Juan Mountains and Charleston, South Carolina.

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Western Short Stories by Steve Kohlhagen

Now We're Going To Kill You

Steve Kohlhagen

October 28, 1868

Laramie, Wyoming

Lincoln and Nick had ridden from Lily Smoot’s ranch north of Cheyenne to Laramie in the expected day and a half. Now, after only two hours in town, the two of them were leaving their third failed set of parlor house negotiations.

“Sorry kid,” Lincoln said. “Lily and I should have known this was no job for a fifteen year old kid. Not even a tough one.” ...Read more of Now We're Going To Kill You>>

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