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Western Short Stories
Jared McVay

Jared McVay

Former, Rodeo rider, Rodeo clown, SAG  Actor, Screen writer,  Award winning author, Storyteller Lives in the northwest where he continues to write.

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Bronc Rider

Jared McVay

I lay hidden in the ditch, surrounded by the tall grass, watching as the long train came slowly to a halt next to the stock pens, the big steel wheels grinding against the railroad tracks making a terrible screeching noise. The sun was beating down on my back and I pulled my hat down a little to keep the sweat from running down onto my face and also to shade my eyes.

On baited breath, I watched as the men who worked for the railroad unloaded three boxcars filled with wild horses...  Read the full story HERE>>


Jared McVay

As Clay Brentwood rode down the mountainside in the southern part of New Mexico territory, a calm settled over him – all his worries seemed to disappear. He was riding down to do a job that needed to be done and that was the long and the short of it. Nothing more needed saying or thought about.

Astride the black stallion, Clay entered the town limits of Bristol Springs. The black stallion, it’s head held in regal splendor, danced down the dusty street less than two hours after the sun brought news of the coming day.

Read the full story HERE>>