Western Short Stories
Bryan Grafton

Bryan Grafton

Western short stories Bio. of Bryan Grafton

I'm a retired attorney from Illinois who moved to Texas in 2011. I started writing stories in  2015 for something to do in my rusting years.

I have had six books published by Outlaws Publishing the latest two of which are 'Cowhide' about a female trail drive boss and 'Yet He Knew' about an outlaw's encounter with a beast. Three of the books are about an attorney and his cases in West Texas.

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Danny Boy

Bryan Grafton

Danny Shepherd was about to ride to the Killing ranch. That was their name, their last name, Killing. They were farmers of German descent having settled here in the Hill Country of south central Texas, just like a lot of the other Germans had done. Danny was out looking for his dog Shep. Yah that was his dog’s name, Shep. A shortened version of his own last name since the dog was practically family.  Read the full story HERE>> 

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