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Western Short Stories
Allen Russell

Western short stories Bio. of Allen Russell

Allen Russell is a native Tennessean, voice actor, videographer, and a cowboy at heart. He has traveled extensively, hunting big game all over North America, as well as Australia and New Zealand. He spent more than a dozen years as a professional hunting guide in Montana and host of an outdoor adventure program. 

His non-fiction work has appeared in North American Hunter, Tennessee Outdoor News, Country Extra, Good Old Days, The Magnolia Quarterly, and several southern anthologies. He has self-published “Mule”, a collection of award winning non-fiction stories dealing with life in rural Tennessee from the Civil War up to the 1950’s. He was recently awarded the Joe Margrave Award for non-fiction at the 2011 Tennessee Mountain Writer’s Conference in Oak Ridge.

Allen had done voice-overs as well as on camera appearances for commercials and two feature films. He has produced four hunting videos as well as “Freedom Isn’t Free” a fund raising DVD project for the Veterans Association in Tennessee.

His fiction projects include, “The Reno Kid: The Beginning”, coming soon from The Reno Kid Publishing Group in Nevada, and “Crow Feather” available soon from Solstice Publishing. 

 As a result of his association with Rodeo Bull TV, he plans to relocate to the Black Hills of South Dakota in 2012. As a storyteller, his favorite subjects lie in the rural hills and hollers of the south and the wide open spaces of the Old West.

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Western Short Stories by Allen Russell

Do Unto Others
Allen Russell

A rush of cold air preceded the weary old cowboy across the threshold. Without conscious thought, he hung his hat on its customary peg beside the door. After unbuckling his chaps and hanging up his coat, he took a seat at the kitchen table. His thinning gray hair was unkempt. His whiskered face reddened by the bitter wind. The old man’s movements were cautious, almost feeble, as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders...Read More of Do Unto Others>>

The Spirit of Black Butte
Allen Russell

I wrote this story for an anthology about a year ago. It takes place in the old west during the winter. It’s about a young boy from Kentucky who, through no fault of his own, becomes an orphan with no home and no way to take care of himself. Left with nothing but the clothes on his back, a big-bore Spencer Carbine, and an old redbone hound, his only choice is to go west and live with an uncle that he has never met. This estranged uncle is an old Texas cowboy living alone on a remote cattle ranch in Montana. This story is about a boy being forced to grow up in a hurry and an old man forced to make room in his life for a complete stranger. It will come as no surprise to most of you that it also includes a legendary Indian medicine man and a curse. I hope you’ll come along as young Tom comes face to face with The Spirit of Black Butte... Read The Spirit of Black Butte>>

The Bethlehem Stage

Allen Russell

Deputy Billy Brody was dozing in the marshal’s office when a blast of frigid air washed over him.

“Man, its getting cold,” the big man in the open doorway exclaimed, stomping the snow off his boots, “Thought I never would get back to town.”

“Did you see any sign of the horse thieves?” Billy asked, getting to his feet.

“No, the snow’s heavy up there and old man Reynolds isn’t sure which way they went. Any trail they might have left has long been covered.”

The man in the doorway was Marshal Stoney Jackson, a tall powerful man with dark hair and chiseled features. Stoney was the law in the little foothills town of Silver Creek, Montana. Read more of The Bethlehem Stage>>

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