Side Trail
Allen Russell

Western short stories Bio. of Allen Russell

Allen Russell is a native Tennessean, voice actor, videographer, and a cowboy at heart. He has traveled extensively, hunting big game all over North America, as well as Australia and New Zealand. He spent more than a dozen years as a professional hunting guide in Montana and host of an outdoor adventure program. 

His non-fiction work has appeared in North American Hunter, Tennessee Outdoor News, Country Extra, Good Old Days, The Magnolia Quarterly, and several southern anthologies. He has self-published “Mule”, a collection of award winning non-fiction stories dealing with life in rural Tennessee from the Civil War up to the 1950’s. He was recently awarded the Joe Margrave Award for non-fiction at the 2011 Tennessee Mountain Writer’s Conference in Oak Ridge.

Allen had done voice-overs as well as on camera appearances for commercials and two feature films. He has produced four hunting videos as well as “Freedom Isn’t Free” a fund raising DVD project for the Veterans Association in Tennessee.

His fiction projects include, “The Reno Kid: The Beginning”, coming soon from The Reno Kid Publishing Group in Nevada, and “Crow Feather” available soon from Solstice Publishing. 

 As a result of his association with Rodeo Bull TV, he plans to relocate to the Black Hills of South Dakota in 2012. As a storyteller, his favorite subjects lie in the rural hills and hollers of the south and the wide open spaces of the Old West.

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The Condo Troll
Allen Russell

​Recently, I was vacationing in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota with part of my family. After breakfast on our first full day, everyone split up into groups to pursue similar interests. My son-in-laws were going golfing, which I don’t do. My darling wife and the daughters were going shopping for new western outfits, which I also do not do.

I informed them I planned a quiet morning, sitting by the lake and possibly catching up on some reading...Read More of  The Condo Troll>>

Wyatt Earp
Allen Russell

The late afternoon sun cast a golden glow as Bronco Bigrivers sped toward the small town of Buzzard Gap, South Dakota. A billowing dust cloud trailed the pickup across the otherwise pristine buffalo-grass prairie. Bronco was on an errand of mercy. His partner, Lester Jiggs, was down with the miseries and in urgent need of medication...Read More of Wyatt Earp>>

The Wine Connoisseurs
Allen Russell

The sun was already well up on that bright summer morning, as Mavis Hardy stood in the sunroom of her palatial home, surveying her vast acreage and finishing her second cup of coffee. Mavis was the middle-aged and portly wife of Quentin Hardy, patriarch of the sprawling Bar H Ranch.

Mavis was watching Quentin as he drove his custom built golf cart down their long cobblestone driveway to retrieve the mail from the box. The cart got quite a bit of use around the ranch, as neither Mavis nor Quentin were fans of strenuous exercise...Read More of The Wine Connoisseurs>>