To All Concerned

As of Monday January11th, Rope and Wire will be deleting its Facebook account.

Don't be alarmed. Very little traffic comes to the site through Facebook.

My apologies to those who actually care about posting on the Rope and wire group page. Most members will never see this message because they are here in name only.

Why am I deleting my account? A couple of reasons.


Facebook has taken it upon themselves to consistently and systematically censor our freedom of speech as well as outright blocking those who's ideology doesn't align with theirs. This is America where we still enjoy the freedoms granted us by the constitution of this country. That includes freedom of speech. Apparently, when it comes to posting on Facebook, they don't agree.


Facebook doesn't respect my privacy...or yours.


For me, it makes sense not to have to deal with another Social Media platform that takes plenty of information and privacy away from me and gives my website very little in return.

Most of the traffic to this site comes from Google search and people like you who pass along this site address to others.

My conscience tells me it's time to move away from Facebook. For me, it's something that must be done. I am not alone.

The Rope and Wire website will remain up and running as usual. 

Stay tuned. More info to come.

Feel free to leave a comment below.

I've started a new Rope and Wire group on GAB Here's the link



Gab is getting it all worked out. Things are working much smoother now. Come and join the Rope and Wire Gab Group. We'd love to have you.


Due to the explosive amount of censoring and purging of accounts that don't match the narrative of many social media platforms, there is a mass migration to platforms who still believe in the right of free speech.

Gab continues to explode. Fifteen new servers are being installed today, but it may still not be enough. The site is slow. The analogy I've heard is that it's like trying to change a tire on a car that's going 70mph.

They will get through this. I hope many of you will come join the new Rope and Wire group when you get the chance. I'd love to see you there. I try to post something daily.


Gab is Exploding. 35 million people came over to Gab in one week. 600,000 today alone.


The exodus from Facebook and other social media sites who are censoring their followers has begun.  GAB, an uncensored platform, is growing at 60, 000 new subscribers per day. They had over 5,000,000 views in the past 72 hours. Needless to say, their load time has slowed down a bit. They are doing everything they can to keep up. will get back to normal soon.


I will be shutting down my Facebook and Instagram accounts tonight. Keep looking for updates here on my website.

If you are having trouble signing up for the new Rope and Wire social group on Gab, please keep trying. Social media platforms across the board are deleting user accounts by the thousands. Free speech is disappearing before our very eyes. Many of these people are moving over to Gab where free speech is still tolerated. They are currently seeing unprecedented growth of approximately 10,000 new subscribers PER HOUR. 

If you value your first amendment rights, you need to consider moving off of big tech sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Facebook owned), YouTube and others.