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Rhema Sayers

Rhema Sayers

Rhema Sayers is a retired family physician, who switched to emergency medicine after practicing for ten years on the Mexican border in Arizona. After retiring, she turned to another passion, writing, for a second career.  She has had over seventy short stories and articles published. Their three adopted daughters grown and off to their own lives. she and her husband of many years live with their three dogs near Tucson. 

Stories by Rhema Sayers

Billy Stiles and Burt Alvord: The Bad Boys of Cochise County

Rhema Sayers

Billy Stiles and Burt Alvord were an oddly matched pair. Billy was reportedly smarter than Burt and better looking with a lot more hair, but Burt was large and imposing, being a good deal taller and more muscular than Billy. Burt was easy going with a good sense of humor while Billy was more intense. Billy was introverted while Burt loved to play pranks and be the life of the party. But despite their differences, they got along well. They both always dreamed of being lawmen. Yet their wishes came true, they could never make up their minds which side of the law they preferred. Both were Cochise County Deputy Sheriffs. Both were train robbers. Read the full story HERE>>

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