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Western Short Stories by Published Authors

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Scott A. Gese

Scott A. Gese: Beyond the Western and the Rope and Wire website

I own and operate the Rope and Wire website. As I begin the process of closing down this site, I've moved my stories to my new publication located on  <<Click HERE>> to go to my page where you can read my short stories in multiple genre's. 

Tom Sheehan

The Tom F. Sheehan Western Short Story Library

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Steve Levi

The Steve Levi Beyond the Western Library

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Rope and Wire
The Western Author Showcase

How would you like to walk into a new car showroom and not be accosted by a salesman?

Where there are cars on the lot from 50 or 100 different dealers.

You can test drive any one you want. Just hop in and go.

You can test drive as many as you like. Feel free to kick the tires.

If you find one you want, you can buy it with the push of a button.


Rope and wire is like that showroom.

We now have over 50 western authors represented on this site.

With a total of over 800 western short stories posted for your reading pleasure.

You can read as many as you like. There's no charge.

If you find an author you like, you can find their books with the push of a button.

And their books are much cheaper than a car.


Contributing authors recognize Rope and Wire as an exceptional outlet they can use to easily promote themselves, strengthen their brand and market their books.

Some of the best traditional western short stories on the web are scattered throughout the pages of this site. Now, with the new Beyond the Western section, you can read short stories in other genre's.

Enough talk, go kick a few tires.

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