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Beyond the Western
Tom Sheehan

Tom Sheehan

Beyond the Western short stories Bio. of Tom Sheehan

Tom Sheehan, in his 92nd year, has published 45 books, latest being Alone, with the Good Graces, and Jock Poems and Reflections for Proper Bostonians (Pocol Press) and Small Victories for the Soul VII, (Wilderness House Literary Review), and The Grand Royal Stand-off at Darby's Creek and Other stories. In submission process are Beneath My Feet this Rare Earth Slips into the Far-side of Another's Telescope, Back Home in Saugus, and Valor's Commission.

He has multiple works in Rosebud,  Literally Stories, Linnet's Wings, Serving House Journal, Frontier Tales, Rope and Wire Magazine, Copperfield Review,  Literary Orphans, etc. He has 16 Pushcart nominations, 6 Best of Net nominations with one winner, and other awards. He graduated from Boston College in 1956, served in Korea 1950-52 and retired from Raytheon Company in 1991.

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Stories by Tom Sheehan

The Clueless Detective, Morgan Stubbs / Genre: General Fiction

Tom Sheehan

Not until Morgan Stubbs, elusive detective, brought found clues home with him, those clues of a crime laying about, often right at his feet as though they were left there to be found, to dawdle over them, tussle and toss them about, measure them in relationship to the crime now under investigation, and bring up associated imagery, did they mount to a hill of beans, and then some!! Read the full story HERE>>

Silas Tully’s Last Case  / Genre: General Fiction

Tom Sheehan

Chief Lloyd Mariner of the Saugus Police Department pulled down the yellow crime scene tape and inserted the key in the door of Apartment 5D of Longview Apartments, the lone assisted living facility in town. He could hear other tenants’ doors creak open along the hallway, and practically mark the frightened faces peeking through the thin slots… Old men, old ladies don’t need any of this, he was thinking, but he was sure somebody in the facility was a murderer. That’d make anybody nervous, old or not. Read the full story HERE>>

Too Much Asia to Wipe Off / Genre: General Fiction

Tom Sheehan

Chris Banntry yelled, “Who the hell are you? Get off my goddamn bed! This is my goddamn bed! This is my goddamn place!” The soft eyes were looking down at him. His own mouth tasted like shoes. His hip was a real aching bitch, talking down his leg, live as a streamer, a banner jiggling in a wafer breeze. On one leg an itch began its tenure. “Damn ants,” he screamed as if promise was a payback. The soft face pulled back abruptly, alarm riding on it, and Banntry swore he smelled fear rising from it, could taste it coming at him as if it were buttered popcorn steeped in the air. Read the full story HERE>>

Grease Monkey Joe / Genre: General Fiction

Tom Sheehan

Joe Buffalino danced into work every morning of his 45 years on the job, the other two mechanics, the odd-jobs driver, the two clerks and two salesmen in the office, keeping time on him, counting off minutes until he punched the time clock, saying his hands were already occupied with tools. He predated the hiring of every employee, especially in the sales force. Read the full story here>>

More Beyond the Western Stories by Tom Sheehan

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Parkie, Tanker, Tiger of Tobruk / Genre: War

Passion at High Elm / General Fiction

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Star Blitz / Genre: General Fiction

Swan River Daisy / Genre: General Fiction

The Boy Who Dug Worms at Mussel Flats / Genre: General fiction

The Cochran Resolve / Genre: Mystery

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The Emphatic Prisoner / Genre: War

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