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Western Short Stories
John D. Nesbitt

John D. Nesbitt

Western Short Stories Bio of John D. Nesbitt

John D. Nesbitt is the author of more than  forty books, including traditional westerns, crossover western mysteries, contemporary western fiction, retro/noir fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. He has won many awards for his work, including three awards from the Wyoming State Historical Society (for fiction), two awards from Wyoming Writers for encouragement of other writers and service to the organization, two Wyoming Arts Council literary fellowships (one for fiction, one for non-fiction), five Will Rogers Medallion awards, one Western Fictioneers Peacemaker award, four 
Peacemaker Finalist awards, four Western Writers of America Spur awards, and two Spur Finalist awards. John is Professor of Spanish and English at Eastern Wyoming College. He lives in the plains country of Wyoming, where he stays in touch with the natural world and the settings for his work. Recent works include _Castle Butte_, and _Great 
Lonesome_, both with Five Star. Visit his website at 

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Western Short Stories of John D. Nesbitt


John D. Nesbitt

I was hauling water with my donkey named Smoke when a stranger rode up to the work camp. He was riding a buckskin horse and wore a hat that matched the color of his horse and the color of his fringed buckskin shirt. He had dark, flowing hair that came down over his ears and touched his collar, and he wore a wine-colored neckerchief. As he stepped his horse from one side to another, I saw that he wore a ruby ring. Read the full story HERE>>