500 Word Short Story
The Hampton Family Reunion
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

The Hampton family reunion was a big affair. Multiple generations from across the country were set to meet on the sixth of June on Delmar Hampton's ranch.

Delmar's wife had spent countless hours for a full year putting the plans in place. Invitations were sent, the catering was ordered, the music was planned. Everything was set for the big day. It would be perfect.

A few family members with motor homes arrived early. They helped set up the reunion area. On the sixth, people arrived in droves. It was a reunion like no other.

Mid-way through the day a long black limousine slowly pulled through the front gate and drove down the drive. People couldn't help but notice. Julia, Delmar's wife was standing next to her husband. She nearly choked on her drink when she saw the limo.

“Good God, Delmar! Did you invite him?”

“No, don't you remember. The subject came up and you threw a fit.”

“Well I'm about to throw another. Do something about this. I don't want that man ruining this reunion.”

“He is family you know.”

“He's a black sheep. He doesn't fit in here and I can't stand him. He's going to ruin everything.”

“Oh calm down, Julia. It'll be fine. It's only for a few hours. We can't hardly send him away.”

“Then you better deal with him. The sooner the better.”

Delmar headed toward the limo as Julia stood and watched.

Delmar reached the limo just as someone was stepping out. “Hey there little brother, you're late.”

Jason was staggering and Delmar could smell the liquor on his breath. “Late, hell. You never sent me an invitation. I only heard about this little shindig through my Facebook account.”

“Not so, Jason. I sent you an invitation. You should have gotten it a month ago.”

“Well I have been real busy lately. So, where can a man get a drink around here?”

Delmar stopped him. “Rule number one. Stay away from Julia. I don't want you two causing a scene.”

“What? Is she still upset about that little mishap I had with her fancy pony? It was an accident.”

“It's that, and everything else you've 'accidentally' destroyed around here.”

“I've always made good on my mishaps, haven't I?”

“That's not the point. She can't stand you.”

“Well she'll have to get used to me, cuz' I got a surprise.”

“Please don't tell me you did something to 'liven up' this reunion.”

“Nope, but I see Julia. Let's walk over and I'll tell you both together.”

Justin disregarded Delmars first rule and made a beeline for Julia. “Hey there, Julia. I was just telling Delmar I have good news.”

“What, you're moving out of the country.”

“Nope, it's better.”

Julia was all ears.

“I'm retiring and I bought the house next door. We're neighbors.”

Julia's drink hit the ground a split second before she did.

© Copyright 2019 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.