500 Word Short Story
A Tale of Treasure
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

He pulled the old book from the box and blew off the dust.

Jack's grandfather had recently passed away and the box of old books he was looking through were part of the estate. No one else wanted the old things, so Jack was the lucky family member who ended up with them.

The book he had pulled from the box was titled “Notable Pirates of the Caribbean”. The leather bound book seemed very old and upon opening it, to his surprise he discovered it wasn't a published book at all. Every page was hand written. It seemed to be more of a journal than a fictional tale of notable pirates.

Jack thumbed the pages of the old book and soon discovered it had been written by a man named Louis Boucher, a self proclaimed pirate who flew the skull and crossbones in Caribbean waters during the 1700's. His boat was named “Fallen Angel” and he went by the name of Captain Black Diamond.

Jack recalled his grandfathers stories about a pirate being part the family lineage. He was apparently the terror of the Caribbean for several years until his eventual capture and subsequent hanging by the French military. Most of the family took the stories as nothing more than pure fiction.

Jack was never quite sure, but he found the book intriguing. He spent the better part of the evening reading through it.

As he reached the halfway point he found one of the pages had come loose. Looking a little closer he realized that it was in fact an added slip of paper, The handwriting was different as well. Under the paper was the drawing of a map. Written on the page was an account of how the Fallen Angel had accidentally run aground on a sand bar during low tide. It happened on one of the many caye's just off the coast of Belize. The ship was vulnerable so they offloaded and buried a chest of gold and jewels. Booty they had gathered over the past year. The ship remained stuck for several weeks before the crew finally broke it loose.

Apparently Jack's grandfather believed the story enough to spend time researching the incident. Jack knew he had been to Belize on several occasions. On vacation, or so he thought. The loose paper told a different story. He was actually on a treasure hunt. Jack assumed it had never been found. If his grandfather had found it, Jack and the rest of the family would have surely heard about it. Plus, getting the treasure out of the country would have been difficult at best and most likely impossible.


Jack spent the next few weeks going over his grandfathers notes and researching the area where the treasure was to have been buried. Seems the caye that holds the treasure was now a tourist destination.

Jack had some vacation time coming and a new found urge to get away. The following day he booked a flight to Belize.

© Copyright 2018 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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