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Cowboy Poetry by Delia Fry

For the past seven years Delia has made her home in O’Fallon, Missouri. She is a writer, artist and musician, but writing is where her heart is. Writing lyrics for songs has turned into writing poems, prose and short stories.

Her work has been published in numerous magazines, books, online poetry sites, and community papers.

She is currently looking to publish a book of her Western/Cowboy poems.

Tequila And A Smoke

Delia J. Fry

Strong is the noon heat
High up on the mountain
It reaches up from the canyon
And the dry air takes his breath
But the old Vaquero rides on
On to his birth land, Mexico
Once a rough rider, a herder
Busting bronco’s, working hard
The women, drink, friends
Now he can barely sit his horse

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Wild West Storm

Delia J. Fry

The storm is as wild as a tornado
With fury, like an unbridled bronc
Its chaos churns violently
You pray it’s reached its pitch

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Delia J. Fry

From a window, the saloon light
To the rain sloshed alley
A silver flash in the night

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Delia J Fry

the texas heat boggles
and the humidity drains
his body feels stifled
even though it rains

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A Rustlers Secret
By Delia J. Fry

They met at the town social
The rustler and the lady
She was too shy to dance
So they just sat and talked

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The Last Dream
By Delia J Fry

Tumbleweeds roll past boot prints in the dirt
Footprints, staggering, searching for water
They are brushed and fly away like dust
The only evidence of the runaway squatter....

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"Southwestern Sky"
By Delia J. Fry

Colors of the Southwest sunset
Peeking through the shadows
A beautiful pastel palette
As the Southwest wind blows

Read Full Poem>>

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