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The Tom F. Sheehan Western Short Story Library

When it comes to the western genre, Tom Sheehan is a rare breed. His stories are like the facets of a fine gem cut with the care and precision of a master jeweler. They are all well written and always a pleasure to read.

Tom has graciously consented to allow Rope and Wire the privilege of bringing all of his western short stories together under one roof. This is a huge undertaking as there are literally hundreds of them. This is an ongoing project that will take a couple of months to complete.

Thank You Tom

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Western Short Stories by Published Authors

The great horse lunged ever forward as its thundering hooves pounded the earth beneath its rider. The high-desert brush whipped at its forelegs as the surefooted beast raced with dangerous abandon through unfamiliar territory. Its massive chest heaved as it gasped for air. Its mouth was thick with froth and its hair glistened heavy with sweat.

The rider leaned into the horse's shoulder, shouting for the animal to give more. Forcing him onward, pushing him for all he was worth, refusing to slow down.

To lessen the pace could mean his death, or even worse…capture.

© Copyright Scott Gese

This is a small sample of the western short stories you'll find on the Rope and Wire western lifestyle website. The authors who write these stories want to show you that their books are well worth reading, so it goes without saying that the stories they've chosen to contribute to Rope and Wire are truly some of their best work.

It's an introduction of sorts. A showcase of their style of writing, directed toward those who may not know them.

That old western lifestyle of drinkin', fightin' and shootin' by both outlaws of the worst kind and the lawmen who try to keep the peace are here. Rugged country, cattle ranches and western boom towns are scattered throughout the pages of this site. You'll find it all within the confines of traditional western short stories.

Western authors of the highest caliber recognize Rope and Wire as an exceptional outlet and a tool they can use toward the building of their authors platform. By using this site they can easily promote themselves, strengthen their brand and market their books.

This is all good news for those who love to read traditional westerns. Why? Because all the authors here want to make a good impression. That's why you'll find some of the best western short stories right here on Rope and Wire.

All you need to do to transport yourself to the old west is click on one of the images at the top of the page. This will take you to an authors page where you can choose who you would like to read. Again, click on an image. From there, immerse yourself back into a time when America, west of the Mississippi, was still young, wild and unrefined.

Not only will you find their stories posted here, each authors bio. and links to their social outlets, as well as the books they've written are also available.

This way, if you like the stories you read, you have a way to get in touch with the authors who wrote them. Social media allows you to get to know and interact with them on a more personal level, and easily find their books.

You won't find this type of interaction with authors of the western short stories you like, on any other website.

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