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Top Ten Western Short Stories For December

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Western Short Stories
Tom Rizzo

Fueled by a passion for 19th century fiction, Tom Rizzo is a storyteller who writes about fact and fiction of the American West. His debut novel Last Stand At Bitter Creek earned him finalist honors for Western Fictioneers’ Peacemaker Award as Best Western First Novel in 2012. His three-volume nonfiction series—Tall Tales from the High Plains & Beyond, features true stories about the bad, the good, and the unexpected. His blog, published several times a week, focuses mostly on stories about true characters and events of the Old West. 

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Western Short Stories by Tom Rizzo


By Tom Rizzo

They’ll be comin’ soon, Jacob,” the guard whispered. His voice sounded solemn, almost apologetic.

Jacob Harris nodded. He sat on the bunk inside the eight-foot square cell, back against the wall, staring at the dark space in front of him. The cell faced a concrete wall with a row of windows above. He glanced up and noticed the pale tint of an orange sunset sliding across the barred oblong spaces—the last sunset of his life.

The sound of someone shouting jarred his self-imposed reverie. A door opened and clanged shut. Urgent footsteps echoed through the corridors of the brown sandstone structure and drew closer. His stomach tightened. Read the full story HERE>>

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