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Rope and Wire
Western Short Stories
Volume Five

Rope and Wire western short stories volume fiveRope and Wire western short stories volume five

This is volume five in an ongoing series of new western ePulps, and the first novella in the series. 

This ePulp contains the following traditional western short story...

Dark Riders, by western author Christopher Scott

Officially, the top secret unit called Dark Riders disbanded toward the end of the War Between the States.
Unofficially, it never did.
The men swore a secret oath to remain together, and only by death could it be broken. They used their military training in a multitude of special skills to take whatever they wanted. The Dark Riders went from a top secret outfit to a band of outlaws, virtually overnight.
Unhappy with the turn of events and the moral decline of the unit, Richard Cole planned his escape. But leaving wasn't as easy as just walking away. 
There was the matter of the oath. 
To hold the unit together, Richard's departure had to be dealt with. and as Richard soon found out, the Dark Riders would go to great lengths to follow through.
Tired of looking over his shoulder and determined to live a peaceful life outside of the unit, Richard needed to find a way to take down the Dark Riders once and for all.
A fortunate turn of events gave him the opportunity he needed.

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