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Western Short Stories
Charlie Steel

Western short stories Bio. of Charlie Steel

Charlie Steel, Tale-Weaver Extraordinaire, is a novelist and nationally published author of short stories. Steel credits the catalyst for his numerous books and hundreds of short stories to be the result of being a voracious reader, along with having worked at many varied and assorted occupations. Some of his experiences include service in the Army, labor in the oil fields, in construction, in a foundry, and as a salvage diver. Early in his life he was recruited by the US Government and spent five years behind the Iron Curtain. Steel's work has been recognized and reviewed by various publications and organizations including Publisher's Weekly, Western Fictioneers, and Western Writers of America. Steel holds five degrees including a PhD. He continues to read, research, and collect western literature. Steel lives on an isolated ranch at the base of Greenhorn Mountain, in Southern Colorado.

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Western Short Stories by Charlie Steel

Grandma Gives No Quarter

Charlie Steel

Frances Stevens’ steady hand did not betray her eighty-two years as she stood in the kitchen ladling soup into a bowl for her daughter-in-law. The two women talked lightly about chores that had to be completed and food to be preserved before Frances’s son, Charles, and his cowhands returned from a small cattle drive to Abilene. Except for old Stumpy, the cook, and George and Sam, the two old-timers who cared for the stock, the ranch was devoid of hands. Read more of Grandma Gives No Quarter>>

Old Man In The Rocking Chair

Charlie Steel

I first spotted the old man when he came riding into Colorado City on a lame paint. His gear was faded and worn. When he sold horse, saddle, and bridle to the hostler at the livery, not much money was exchanged. Everything about him was well used---including himself. He was a tough old man, the leathery kind. He had a face weathered by the sun, and it looked like he had lived a hard life and earned every wrinkle. There sure were a lot of them...Read more of Old Man In The Rocking Chair>>


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