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Western Short Stories
Jack Goodner

Jack Goodner

Western Short Stories Bio. of Jack Goodner

Jack is fairly new to the writing craft. After retiring from a career in banking and bank regulation he has devoted a lot of his free time to bringing his vivid imagination to life. He credits his memory and skill as an attentive listener to his ability to write interesting stories with entertaining dialogue. In addition to the short stories submitted to Rope and Wire, he has self-published two contemporary crime novels under the pen name of Jackson Goode. A third crime novel, FRANK HARDIN: THE LETHAL LAWMAN is published under his real name. This story is set in Texas during the turbulent Prohibition and the oil boom era. While not a western per se, this story has a lot of western influences and references. These three books are all available on Amazon. A second Frank Hardin novel is currently in the works.

Growing up in the Texas Panhandle with three uncles who were working cowboys has given Jack a keen appreciation of the western lifestyle and the struggles people living off the land encounter day in and day out. A longtime student of the events and colorful characters of the old west, he enjoys trying to merge history with his imagination.

In addition to writing, Jack enjoys fishing, gardening, collecting military knives, and flea marketing. He lives with his wife Debe in rural East Texas.

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Western Short Stories
Jack Goodner


Jack Goodner

“Jayhawker Jack” Henry, now known in Bobbitt Springs, Texas as Town Marshal Jack Parker, was leaning back in his wooden chair against the outside wall of the jailhouse. He’d just finished eating breakfast at the Main Street Café. After his normal morning walk up and down the main drag, he headed back to the jail. It was too pleasant a morning to be inside so he carried the straight-backed desk chair outside to soak up a little of the warm late November central Texas sunshine. Read the full story HERE>>  


Jack Goodner

November 1, 1870 – “On to Abilene”

Jack thought back on his trip from Amarillo. It’d been mostly boring and tiring but had a couple of memorable events. Meeting Sarah and her kids had been enjoyable in a way, but mostly sad. He admitted to himself that he was thinking about her more than he was comfortable with. Read the full story HERE>>


Jack Goodner

Jack’s last recorded journal entry while in Amarillo:

6:30 AM. October 21, 1870 – “Gettin’ cold. Time to get agoin’ or get a better coat.”

Jack closed the hard-covered journal and went outside to load his wagon. He didn’t own much anymore that he had to move. The Indians that raided his farm in Kansas pretty much took care of that. While he was loading his few remaining possessions and the supplies he was taking with him, Hank was getting his two horses hitched up to the wagon. Jack liked the big gray horse the Indians had stolen somewhere and used to transport his huge wife. The horse wasn’t branded so there was no way to find out who it belonged to. Jack favored him because he was big and strong and had a good disposition. Bucky was still his main saddle horse but he had ridden the gray gelding some and he was comfortable and well mannered. After the team was hitched up Jack walked Bucky over and tied him behind the wagon. Read the full story HERE>>


Jack Goodner

‘Jayhawker’ Jack Henry reluctantly climbed up into his wagon and slapped the reins to get the two horses moving. His trip to buy supplies, get drunk, and visit a sporting girl had been damn disappointing. He was only able to buy a few of the goods he wanted because Indian raids in the area were keeping the supply wagons from making regular trips to prairie settlements. That also meant the saloon was running low on whiskey. Jack was barely able to get moderately drunk and the only sporting girl working there had left town heading for Denver. Read the full story HERE>>


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