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Top Ten Western Short Stories For December

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Western Short Stories
Hugh Wesley

Hugh Wesley

Western Short Stories Bio. of Hugh Wesley

Hugh was raised in Indiana, but the roots of his birth state run deep in his blood -- most days, his thoughts are filled with visions more befitting "The Virginian" than the cornfields of Hoosier country.

A chemist and mathematician by training, and a tech professional by trade, Hugh has always been a writer at heart. His fiction runs the gamut from traditional western tales to horror to sweet romance and sappy family yarns. 

Yep, Hugh is pretty much just plain old old-fashioned.

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Diary of a Storm

Hugh Wesley

People were waiting for John Cartwright.

Important people. People with power. And they expected him to be in Oxdune three hours after he left Gunlake.

After all, it was a straight shot across the desert with nowhere to stop in between. There was no excuse for missing his deadline, and the powerful people would not be pleased if he slipped his appointment. Read the full story HERE>>

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