Western Lifestyle Videos
Art, History and the Art of Western Living

This section of Rope and Wire contains some of the best western lifestyle documentaries I've come across. Learn more about the people, places and things that make the west what it is today. As you can see below, I've divided these documentaries into three different categories. 

Artisans and Ranchers - Western art and the art of western living.

People of the old west - Learn about the men and women you've come to know, and maybe some you don't.

Assorted - It's just that. A collection of all things that have to do with life in the west.

Learn something of the western lifestyle you didn't already know.

Just click on one of the images below and enjoy the experience.

Western Lifestyle Artisans and Ranchers
Western Lifestyles Documentaries People
Western Lifestyle Documentaries Assorted

Book of the Month

The Last Warrant by Darrel Sparkman

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