Beyond the Western
Moon Dance: A Love Story
Scott A. Gese

Their love for each other went beyond the grave.

Beyond the Western

They were married on a Saturday. It was the first full moon in June. At the wedding, their first dance together was a waltz. Fly Me to the Moon by Kaye Ballard.

Anyone who knew Max and Lois Trebon knew without a doubt they were in love. The Trebon’s lived a full and happy life. They stayed deeply in love for over fifty years. They raised three children during their time together.

From the day they were married until the day Lois died, they held to the tradition they had started on their wedding day.

On the first full moon of June, they would steal away to the back patio. Light a candle and drink a glass of wine. As the moon began to rise above the nearby hills they would turn on the stereo and dance their wedding dance, Fly Me to the Moon by Kaye Ballard. Not once in all those fifty years did they miss their date.

Lois died of an brain aneurysm at age seventy six. She died in May. It could have only been a coincidence, but she passed away on the day of a full moon.

Max was devastated. His oldest son, Max Jr., convinced him to move into his house.

It was on the first full moon of June, Max’s son was upstairs when he heard the wedding song his parents had always danced to. He looked out the back window to see his father waltzing with an imaginary partner he knew to be his mother. Max passed away shortly after. Everyone agreed he had died of a broken heart. Max was laid to rest alongside his lifelong partner. They were together once again.

The following June Max’s son knew he needed to find a way to honor the two souls who had loved each other so much and who had given him life and a happy home.

On the afternoon of the first full moon in June, Max Jr. drove to the cemetery where his parents were buried. He set up a small table, laid out a clean white tablecloth and set out a candle, two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. On the corner of the table he set out a CD player. At dusk he lit the candle and poured a small amount of wine into each glass. As the full moon began to rise above the nearby hills, he started the CD. It played Fly Me to the Moon by Kaye Ballard. He walked back to his car to watch from a distance.

To his surprise, when he turned around, His parents were standing hand in hand. They looked young again. They were waltzing. When the song had finished, they both turned to Max Jr. and gave him a bow of appreciation, then disappeared.

When he went to put away the table he realized the two glasses were empty. The traditional moon dance had not come to an end. For Max Jr., a new one had just begun.

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