Rope and Wire
Western Short Stories
Volume Three

Rope and Wire western short stories volume threeRope and Wire western short stories volume three

Rope and Wire Western Short Stories 

This is volume three in an ongoing series of new western ePulps, and the second “Six Shooter” by western author Christopher Scott. As with his first “Six Shooter”, Scott showcases his talent for writing classic westerns as well as ending several of his stories with the classic twist he has become known for.

This ePulp contains the following traditional western short stories.

The Town Drunk - A story of deep remorse. As the town drunk, Hank Maynard, relay’s his story to the Local sheriff Aaron Hanley, Hanley learns that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Witness to a Death - Old timer, Jason McCord, tells the story of a day in his youth, when he was witness to not one, but two killings, from a vantage point never to be forgotten.

The Last Clue – Veteran reporter Lucas Mayfield takes advantage of his position to locate a treasure hidden long ago by one of the town’s founders.

Too Close For Comfort - Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can get a man killed, or close to it.

The Lone Stranger - Some people will go to amazing lengths to get rid of a nuisance in their life.

El Diablo - Revenge can consume a man. Tom Packer was on a mission to send the outlaw called El Diablo to hell for killing the love of his life.

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Good Short Stories. By John P. Wagner

Nice book to read before bed.

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