Western Short Stories
Tom Sheehan
Ranch Romance

Western short stories Bio. of Tom Sheehan

Sheehan served in the 31st Infantry Regiment, Korea 1951 and graduated from Boston College in 1956. His print/eBooks are Epic Cures; Brief Cases, Short Spans (from Press 53); A Collection of Friends; From the Quickening (from Pocol Press).

Books from Milspeak Publishers include Korean Echoes, 2011, nominated for a Distinguished Military Award and The Westering, 2012, nominated for a National Book Award. 

His newest eBooks, from Danse Macabre/Lazarus/Anvil, are  Murder at the Forum, an NHL mystery novel, Death of a Lottery Foe, Death by Punishment and An Accountable Death. 

Sheehan has published 30 books and has multiple work in Rosebud, Linnet’s Wings, Serving House Journal, Copperfield ReviewLiterary OrphansIndiana Voices Journal, DM du Jour, Frontier TalesWestern Online Magazine, Provo Canyon Review, Writing Raw, Rope & Wire Magazine, Green Silk Journal.

He has 32 Pushcart nominations, 5 Best of the Net nominations (one winner). Recent publications - Swan River Daisy by KY StoriesThe Cowboys by Pocol Press, and Jehrico by Danse Macabre, Vigilantes East. Four books under consideration by various publishers.  

He is 2016 Writer-in-Residence at Danse Macabre in Las Vegas.

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The Wagon Master

Tom Sheehan

Stall Pillings, man of the world, had allowed it to happen; a woman had gotten under his skin, and the discoverable joy was his gain. Astride his horse, motionless, he stared onto the high ground and wondered how it happened. Then another mysterious awareness took place; she had been as sly and as furtive as Indians and that thought brought him straight up in the saddle, to his senses, on full alert.

It was at an abrupt realization where he found himself, and the real wagon master took over as he shucked off the woman in his mind.

But he didn’t throw her far.

Read the full story HERE>>

The Dynasty Dame Meets Finn McMorrin

Tom Sheehan

In Chicago in 1861, before the great war in the states started, before she had a chance to go further west, Maud Wilkesbarn thought things over, including what might be in front of her, and changed her family name, legal or not, from Wilkesbarn to Maverick, keeping the “Maud” in place because she’d swear to the day of her death she could hear her mother announcing her to potential babysitters, strangers, old friends dropping by, or new a man she might be interested in, as “This sweetheart is my Maud.” Read the full story HERE>>

Union Leftover or Heaven Will Be Mine

Tom Sheehan

In 1865, at the end of a long day in a long war, Corporal Thadeus "Ted" Walters was separated from the Army of the Union, with 5 years of service and a wound whose anger might hang in place. As a messenger between outfits of that conflict of interests, Corporal Walters was apt, on any day, to be in territory controlled by a Union force.

He saw many places and many faces, and was fired upon between message centers en route.

Comrades, and friends of a certainty, came out of his associations, and that included words of advice from some folks "who had been elsewhere and remembered." Read the full story HERE>>

Piece of the Pie

Tom Sheehan

The rider stood in his stirrups to get a better look down into the valley where a ranch spread its arms near as wide as the valley floor, all the while nodding his head at every positive presentation ... house, barns, corrals, two horseshoe pits, a solid thus permanent outdoor fireplace signifying some mostly good times he figured.

It didn't take him long to seek a job at this ranch.  Read the full story HERE>>

The Lady, the Lion and the Redoubtable Mountain Man

Tom Sheehan

From high on the ridge of a Teton Range "middle-mountain," as he called the lesser landscape minions of the Wyoming territory, Lucas Woodcock heard first, and then saw, the west-bound stagecoach at a standstill, as the 4-horse team reared amid shrill cries of desperation and fear. Read the full story HERE>>

Western Short Story

Late Visits to Verna's Turf

Tom Sheehan

All Verna Brody’s suitors swore she could call down the moon any time she wanted to, call it right down on top of her, all its golden glory down atop all her glorious holdings in her own idyllic pocket of the Teton Range. When each suitor, and those who thought they were suitors, and there were plenty of them, came over the bridge to Verna Brody’s Meadow, they saw the wonder not only of the bridge that crossed the deep gorge and the magic of Verna’s place itself, but they realized that she of all people had had her dream come true. They would see the grassy plain spreading throughout the once-hidden valley, the waterfall at the far end sparkling in the sun in its free-fall from high in the heart of the Tetons, and the select herd of the finest cattle, and the fattest they’d ever seen, feeding on the rich grass of the meadow.

It was heaven, it seemed, and a beautiful, unwed girl of 25 owned it, ran it, and had seen it grow from the first day she discovered the site...

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