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The Bunkhouse

The Six Shooter

The Six Shooter brought James Stewart to the NBC
microphone on September 20, 1953, in a fine series
of folksy Western adventures.

Stewart was never better on the air than in this drama
of Britt Ponset, frontier drifter created by Frank Burt.
The epigraph set it up nicely:

"The man in the saddle is angular and long-legged:
his skin is sun dyed brown. The gun in his holster is
gray steel and rainbow mother-of-pearl. People call
them both The Six Shooter."

Ponset was a wanderer, an easy-going gentleman
and -- when he had to be -- a gunfighter.

Stewart was right in character as the slow-talking
maverick who usually blundered into other people's
troubles and sometimes shot his way out. His
experiences were broad, but The Six Shooter leaned more to comedy than other shows of
its kind. Ponset took time out to play Hamlet with a crude road company. He ran for mayor
and sheriff of the same town at the same time. He became involved in a delighful Western
version of Cinderella, complete with grouchy stepmother, ugly sisters, and a shoe that
didn't fit. And at Christmas he told a young runaway the story of A Christmas Carol,
Substituting the original Dickens characters with Western heavies. Britt even had time to
fall in love, but it was the age-old story of people from different worlds, and the romance
was foredoomed despite their valiant efforts to save it.

So we got a cowboy-into-the-sunset ending for this series, truly one of the bright spots of radio. Unfortunately, it came too late, and lasted only one season.

The following is an index of all the episodes on the player (below the index).
The player will go through the episodes one after the other. At this time I can't combine the two. You can toggle to different episodes, but there is no way of telling which one you are on without listening to it. I hope to have a better way to do this at some point.

1Audition Program
3The Coward
41953-10-04 ep03 The Stampede.m
5Silver Annie
6Rink Larkin
71953-10-25 ep06 Red Lawson's R
8Ben Scofield
9Capture of Stacy Gault
10Escape From Smoke Falls
11Gabriel Starbuck
12Sheriff Billy
13A Pressing Engagement
14More Than Kin
15Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol
16Cora Plummer Quincy
17A Friend In Need
18Hiram's Goldstrike
19The Silver Buckle
20The Outlaws Wife
21Trail To Sunset
22Apron Faced Sorrel
23Quiet City
24Battle At Tower Rock
25Cheyenne Express
26Thicker Than Water
271954-03-21 ep26 Duel at Lockwo
281954-04-01 ep27 Aunt Ema.mp3
291954-04-08 ep28 General Gillfo
30Crises At Easter Creek
31Tracking Down a Killer
33The Accused
34The Double Seven
35Reluctant Hero
36Silver Threads
37Bad Blood
38The New Sheriff
39When the Shoe Doesn't Fit
40Myra Barker

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