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Old Western Pulp Magazines

Are you interested in earning some extra cash? If you have one or more old western pulp magazines tucked away in your attic, basement or closet, dig them out and dust them off. They may have value. They may be worth more than you think. In fact, they may be collectible.

But even if they don't carry the value of a collectible, they may still put cash in your hand.

There are many western short story enthusiasts who visit this site that would love to read them. So why not bring those old pulps back into the light of day. Pass them on and put some money in your pocket to boot.

Once I begin to build an inventory I'll start posting them for sale.

Don't let the condition of your western pulp magazines be a factor

I'd love to purchase your western pulp magazines in most any condition, from the highest quality collector edition down to a well used and abused reading copy, (as long as the cover and all of the story pages are there).

I'll give you a fair offer. One that will put money in your pocket and a smile on your face. One that carries no pressure to sell.

If you're interested, here's all you need to do:

Simply fill out the form on this page. List the name and date (month and year) of your magazine(s) along with the general condition if each.

I'll get back to you and we can discuss the next move forward.

Quick Reference Guide 

Here's a quick reference guide to help you determine the general condition of your western pulp magazines.

Very Fine

This is the highest grade and your magazine should reflect this grading.

It should be in almost new condition with few if any flaws. Tight spline and white pages, no markings, no creases and only very small tears on the covers overhang, but not beyond.


Tight spline, small inconspicuous markings such as newstand notations, but NO random doodling.

Very little yellowing or page tearing. Bright cover with no dominant cover creases.

Very Good

Shows some signs of wear. The main body of the cover art should not be marked or damaged. The spline can be slightly separated but still attached by more than 50% . Some page yellowing or lightly tanned, but no brown or brittle pages. A slight reading crease in the cover is acceptable as are small corner creases. Small amounts of tape are acceptable. No missing pages.

In general, the total amount of defects should not reduce the overall attractiveness of the magazine.


This is a magazine that has been considerably well read but not abused. 

The magazine may have heavy cover creasing but must have close to the full cover with only small pieces missing. No tape on the cover. The pages can be worn, yellowed and have a small amount of taping, but it must have all the pages.

The spline may be coming loose. It can be unobtrusively taped but not detached.

Reading Copy

Shabby condition. May or may not have the cover. May be missing pages but not story pages. If story pages are missing it must be disclosed. Not considered to be in collectible condition unless it is rare. Pages must be solid enough to turn without the risk of tearing or breaking apart.

It's all subjective

Grading the quality of a magazine is very subjective. One persons idea of good condition may be another persons idea of very good or nothing more than a reading copy.

As you build your list in the box below, if you're unsure of the quality of your western pulp magazines, use your best judgement and pick what you believe is the closest and then add a plus or minus to your choice. Together we can work at reaching a rating we're both comfortable with.

List Your Western Pulp Magazines

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