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Have Gun Will TravelSeason One

Welcome to season one of Have Gun Will Travel. This series ran for six season for a total of 225 episodes. The show stars Richard Boone as the main character named Paladin, a former Union cavalry officer and West Point graduate. He's highly educated in philosophy and case law and excels in several languages, piano, chess, poker, martial arts and swordsmanship. He carries a custom made .45. The information on this page was gathered from IMDB.

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Have Gun Will Travel

Three Bells to Pedro

Sept. 14, 1957

Paladin seeks the job of seizing a rancher's son-in-law at Perdido, an isolated Mexican city of outlaws. 

Have Gun Will Travel

The Outlaw

Sept. 21, 1957

Paladin accepts the task of capturing an escaped criminal, only to form an irregular bond with the convicted man.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Great Mojave chase

Sept. 28, 1957

Paladin gambles on eluding an accomplished team of man-hunters with the help of an unorthodox Army surplus purchase.

Have Gun Will Travel

Winchester Quarantine

Oct. 5, 1957

When the man in black chooses to aid a tormented Cherokee ranch owner, his actions lead to questions of which side he's really on.

Have Gun Will Travel

A Matter of Ethics

Oct. 12, 1957

Paladin secures some ill feelings when he hires his gun to an accused murderer, but may have to fight an altogether unexpected foe in order to keep the terms of his contract.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Bride

Oct. 19, 1957

Paladin forsakes a possibly lucrative appointment in order to guard a young woman from desert perils.

Have Gun Will Travel

Strange Vendetta

Oct. 26, 1957

When a simple theater invitation turns into a case of assassination, Paladin takes an expensive contract that may prove even more irregular than he realizes.

Have Gun Will Travel

High Wire

Nov. 2, 1957

Paladin plays the sportsman, reluctantly for once, in an effort to reunite a fallen circus performer with his dignity.

Have Gun Will Travel

Show of Force

Nov. 9, 1957

An all-night poker match's deceptive pot gives Paladin strategic inspiration for ending a range war.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Long Night

Nov. 16, 1957

Three men in black wait to be hanged the next day for a murder it seems any one of them might have committed. Of the three, one's holster bears a silver chess knight.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Colonel and the Lady

Nov. 23, 1957

Paladin is hired to research a "lost chapter" of western history for a writer he is told has cruel intentions.

Have Gun Will Travel

No Visitors

Nov. 30, 1957

Paladin's patience is tested when a settlement, believing typhoid to be a direct result of divine will, condemns innocents to death.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Englishman

Dec. 7, 1957

Reckless practical jokes endanger human life as Paladin acquaints an English gentleman with new surroundings.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Yuma Treasure

Dec. 14, 1957

Paladin learns from a Major Wilson that the nearby Maricopas -- on whose land sits a legendary goldmine,have recently turned hostile. Paladine agrees to escort the Major to meet Gerada, the Maricopa chief, but Wilson proves to be more interested in stealing gold than resolving differences.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Hanging Cross

Dec. 21, 1957

Christmas proves a dangerous time when a rancher chooses family over peace and violence over negotiation.

Have Gun Will Travel

Helen of Abajinian

Dec. 28, 1957

Paladin is hired to defend an Armenian maiden's honor, but it soon appears that she may not be the one in need of looking after.

Have Gun Will Travel

Ella West

Jan. 4, 1958

Paladin suspects his services may be wasted when he is hired to rein in a fiery female performer's violent, unladylike demeanor.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Reasonable Man

Jan. 11, 1958

Paladin offers his services in preventing a coming-of-age story from killing either of its two key players.

Have Gun Will Travel

The High Graders

Jan. 8, 1958

Paladin's suspicions are aroused after his tailor dies inside his own goldmine.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Last Laugh

Jan. 25, 1958

Paladin is the subject of a vigilant manhunt after being wrongly accused of the accident that left a rancher's wife crippled.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Bostonian

Feb. 1, 1958

Paladin assists a Bostonian in Western exile upon learning they once shared a tailor.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Singer

Feb. 8, 1958

Paladin takes the job of giving ten minutes alone with a married woman, who has operatic aspirations, to a young client.

Have Gun Will Travel

Bitter Wine

Feb. 15, 1958

It's a small-scale Irish/Italian war when Paladin attempts to make peace between an oilman and a vintner.

Have Gun Will Travel

Girl From Piccadilly

Feb. 22, 1958

Paladin's task is to unite a grieving patron with the daughter-in-law he's never met, but the job is complicated by the rather convenient disappearance of any and all identifying documents.

Have Gun Will Travel

The O'Hare Story

March 1, 1958

The engineer Paladin is hired to stop may be the only man in the picture he truly respects when the fight for an area's water brings in gunmen with less charitable outlooks.

Have Gun Will Travel

Birds of a Feather

March 8, 1958

A right-of-way dispute has turned a small town into a seething battleground for two railroads and Paladin intends to settle it one way or another, whoever hires him.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Teacher

March 15, 1958

Questions of revising the Civil War put a schoolteacher in gunsights until Paladin decides to make a stand, urging those who may find the truth she teaches painful to do the same.

Have Gun Will Travel

Killer's Widow

March 22, 1958

When Paladin is accused of taking stolen money, he searches for a way to use the situation to better a woman whom he has widowed.

Have Gun Will Travel

Gun Shy#content_50010760

March 29, 1958

In order to collect the gift of a precious jade chess set, Paladin must first intercept the men who stole it from Hey Boy's family.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Prize Fight Story

April 5, 1958

To help an old friend, Paladin takes a job guaranteeing a fight against a formidable British boxer when the local Sheriff demands a cut of the action. Keeping the terms of his contract, however, may prove a bit... personal in nature.

Have Gun Will Travel

Hey Boys revenge

April 12, 1958

Paladin learns all too well how arduous easy living can be without Hey Boy's able help and, to regain his friend, must help him in a fight of honor and retribution.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Five Books of Owen Deaver

April 26, 1958

When Philadelphia's penal code is precariously instituted in a frontier town, Paladin decides he owes a favor to an old friend's son.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Silver Queen

May 3, 1958

When a beautiful lady receives a half-ownership in a silver mine in a rather suspicious-looking will, Paladin sticks his neck out for the sake of a dead man's true wishes.

Have Gun Will Travel

Three Son's

May 10, 1958

Paladin lends his room to a pair of newlyweds. When the bride receives a wedding gift of her cat, mutilated, he intervenes in a vicious family feud that hinges on the patriarch's sanity.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Return of Dr. Thackeray

May 17, 1958

Paladin again assists his friend Phyllis Thackeray, M.D., when impatience and panic threaten to generate a smallpox epidemic.

Have Gun Will Travel

Twenty-Four Hours at North Fork

May 24, 1958

When Paladin finds a quick exit from San Francisco convenient he stumbles into some dangerous prejudice against a family of pacifistic Mennonites.

Have Gun Will Travel

Silver Convoy

May 31, 1958

Paladin ventures into Mexico on the trail of a man who, it turns out, has already been arrested and is dead. Another job presents itself, however, in the form of a shipment of silver dug from the ground by prison labor.

Have Gun Will Travel

Deliver The Body

June 7, 1958

Paladin applies the U.S. Constitution to criminal law in the West when he fights for Habeas Corpus, the right to counsel in defense, and jury trial by peers for a man accused of killing twice with an outmoded cap-and-ball pistol.

Have Gun Will Travel

The Statue of San Sebastian

June 14, 1958

Paladin agrees to track-down a sympathetic highwayman in exchange for the return of a piece of symbolic statuary currently being held hostage.

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