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Welcome to season one of the western television show, Bonanza. This western television series ran for 14 seasons and produced a total of 431 episodes. The information on this page has been gathered from Wikipedia

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"A Rose for Lotta"      

September 12, 1959

Silver barons use an actress called Lotta Crabtree (Yvonne De Carlo) in a plot to hold Joe Cartwright hostage in exchange for timber wood. George Macready guest stars.


"Death on Sun Mountain"

September 19, 1959

A pair of greedy opportunists kill antelope on Indian grounds and sell them for a large profit. Barry Sullivan and Karl Swenson guest star.


"The Newcomers"

September 26, 1959

Hoss falls for the fiancee of a treacherous prospector who suspects the Cartwrights of hiding gold. John Larch and Inger Stevens guest star.


"The Paiute War"

October 3, 1959

A sinister trader starts a war with the Paiutes when he frames Adam for the assault of two Indian women. Anthony CarusoWalter Coy, and Jack Warden guest star.


"Enter Mark Twain"

October 10, 1959

As reporter Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain leads a fight against a corrupt judge (John Litel). Howard Duff guest stars.


"The Julia Bulette Story"

October 17, 1959

Joe falls for gold digger Julia Bulette (Jane Greer).


"The Saga of Annie O'Toole"

October 24, 1959

Annie O'Toole (Ida Lupino) uses a filed claim to protect her gold mine. Alan Hale, Jr. guest stars.


"The Philip Diedesheimer Story"

October 31, 1959

Pied Piper Philip Diedesheimer (John Beal) fails to get paid for saving the salt mines of Virginia City from a cave-in.


"Mr. Henry Comstock"

November 7, 1959

The Cartwrights remember the day they met claim-jumper Henry Comstock (Jack Carson), whose discovery of the Comstock Lode laid the foundation for Virginia City.


"The Magnificent Adah"

November 14, 1959

The Cartwright boys suspect actress Adah Menkin (Ruth Roman) of having an ulterior motive for marrying their father.


"The Truckee Strip"

November 21, 1959

A silver baron schemes to promote a fight between Ben and his neighbor just to get his hands on timber. James Coburn guest stars.


"The Hanging Posse"

November 28, 1959

Adam and Joe attempt to stop a posse from changing into a lynch mob. Arthur HunnicuttOnslow Stevens, and Adam Williams guest star.



December 5, 1959

Ben is seriously wounded as he and Hoss seek help in fighting the vengeful Morgan brothers, only to be confronted with cowardice. Whitney Blake and Harry Carey, Jr. guest star.


"The Sisters"

December 12, 1959

Adam is falsely accused of killing a dance-hall girl (Fay Spain). Buddy Ebsen and Jean Willes guest star.


"The Last Hunt"

December 19, 1959

Joe and Hoss protect a pregnant Indian woman from a blizzard as well as a group of Shoshones given orders to find her. Raymond Bailey guest stars.


"El Toro Grande"

January 2, 1960

On their way to California, Joe and Hoss are ambushed and robbed of the $15,000 they intended to spend on a bull. Alma Beltran and Ricardo Cortez guest star.


"The Outcast"

January 9, 1960

An outcast woman turns to an outlaw for support after her father and brother are hanged for murder. Jack Lord and Susan Oliver guest star.


"A House Divided"

January 16, 1960

A Confederate sympathizer schemes to tear apart Virginia City and the Cartwrights. John AndersonStacy Harris and Cameron Mitchell guest star.


"The Gunmen"

January 23, 1960

Hoss and Joe get themselves involved in a family feud. Ellen CorbyHenry Hull, and George Mitchell guest star.


"The Fear Merchants"

January 30, 1960

The Chinese citizens of Virginia City are targeted by a mayoral candidate's campaign to "hate outsiders". Philip Ahn and Helen Westcott guest star.


"The Spanish Grant"

February 6, 1960

A pair of swindlers team with a dance-hall girl (Patricia Medina) to get their hands on Nevada land, including the Ponderosa. Sebastian Cabot and Paul Picerni guest star.


"Blood on the Land"

February 13, 1960

A greedy sheepherder Everett Sloane is determined to fatten his animals on the Ponderosa grasslands.


"Desert Justice"

February 20, 1960

Adam and Hoss try to help a ranch hand (Wesley Lau) whose being taken to California for trial by a brutal U.S. marshal (Claude Akins).


"The Stranger"

February 27, 1960

A vengeful police inspector (Lloyd Nolan) from New Orleans jeopardizes Ben's bid for the governorship.


"Escape to Ponderosa"

March 5, 1960

Ben starts to have second thoughts about helping a brutal stockade commander track down three prisoners on the lam. Joe MarossGloria Talbott, and Grant Williams guest star.


"The Avenger"

March 19, 1960

A mysterious stranger (Vic Morrow) helps Hoss and Joe to save Ben and Adam before they're hanged like his father.


"The Last Trophy"

March 26, 1960

A British couple visits the Cartwrights - and the woman (Hazel Court) thinks her own husband is a coward. Edward Ashley and Bert Freed guest star.


"San Francisco"

April 2, 1960

Ben is shanghaied at the Barbary Coast while searching for a pair of ranch hands. Kathleen CrowleyRichard DeaconJames Hong, and David White.


"Bitter Water"

April 9, 1960

The Cartwrights are worried their water will be polluted when their neighbor (Rhys Williams) threatens to sell his land to a miner.


"Feet of Clay"

April 16, 1960

Hoss attempts to comfort a boy (David Ladd) whose father is in jail, but not for long.


"Dark Star"

April 23, 1960

Joe romances a Gypsy (Susan Harrison) who thinks she's a witch.


"Death at Dawn"

April 30, 1960

A criminal gang that has taken over Virginia City kidnaps Ben. Paul CarrRobert Middleton, and Morgan Woodward guest star.

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