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The Big ValleySeason Two

The Big Valley ran for four seasons, from 1965 to 1969. There are 112 total episodes.  The show stars Barbara Stanwyck, as the widow of a wealthy 19th century California rancher and Richard LongLee MajorsPeter Breck and Linda Evans as her family. The information on this page was gathered from IMDB.

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The Big Valley

Legend of a General  Part I

Sept. 19, 1966

While in Mexico tending to a Barkley mine, Heath aids a Mexican General (an old family friend) who escapes the wrath of an oppressive leader. When it is found out that the General is living in California at the Barkley Ranch, Heath is jailed - and his life is used to bargain for the General's return.

The Big Valley

Legend of a General Part 2

Sept. 26, 1966

The Barkley's refuse to cooperate with the Mexican authorities but, with the General's help, plan to go to Rio Blanco, Mexico and break Heath out of jail. Meanwhile, Heath has his own break-out plan and succeeds-but is betrayed.

The Big Valley

Caesar's Wife

Oct. 3, 1966

A neighbor's young, second wife is more romantically interested in her stepson than her husband. Her jealousy of Audra, the stepson's childhood sweetheart, leads to a shooting-and puts Audra in danger from the husband.

The Big Valley


Oct. 10, 1966

From the town of Sandhill, Victoria along with an alcoholic and cynical hunter search the desert for an Indian brave infected with measles. The Indian does not believe the White Man's medicine can save him-only the Medicine Man at the camp of his father, the Chief. The disease could wipe out the entire tribe.

The Big Valley

The Martyr

Oct. 17, 1966

Jarrod defends a Basque Sheepherder accused of murder. He is in more than providing a defense when he finds out his client is a political anarchist in a town full of bigotry and hate.

The Big Valley


Oct. 31, 1966

Joshua Hawks, who is standing for public office, rides into town and accuses the Nick Barkley's family of stealing land and all produce grown on it illegal. Jarrod is concerned at Hawks' actions, and knows suing the man will do more good for Hawks than the Barkley's. 

The Big Valley

The Velvet Trap

Nov. 7, 1966

A wagon traveling through the night loses a wheel. While doing repairs a stranger rides up an offers help. Sabrina Lynn passenger sees him and rushes off into the night, only to drop in a dead faint at the feet of Nick Barkley. Next day Nick organizes to get Sabrina to town and set up to rejoin the now repaired coach. He is clearly infatuated by the girl but she resists his advances.

The Big Valley

The Man From Nowhere

Nov. 14, 1966

A woman, her mother-in-law and young son are considered squatters. The Cattlemen want her off the land. The woman will not make it easy for them. She fights to remain in what she considers is her land.

The Big Valley

The Great Safe Robbery

Nov. 21, 1966

Audra and Victoria Barkley arrive at a train station to catch their train. There's just one catch: there are three brothers already there trying to rob the train station's safe. They just want a few hundred dollars so that they can start a new life buying their own ranch. 

The Big Valley

The Iron Box

Nov. 28, 1966

Nick and Heath, on their way home with a prize bull, are accused of stealing the animal and are sentenced to a brutal work camp - without a trial.

The Big Valley

Last Stage to Salt Flats

Dec. 5, 1966

The Barkley's are stranded out of all places, in the desert. Making it difficult to survive the heat, no water and hard to put up with each other.

The Big Valley

A Day of Terror

Dec. 12, 1966

Victoria and Audra are at a church preparing for Audra's debut as the new bible studies teacher. While there, a known criminal and her three sons commandeer the church in order to treat one of the sons who has been injured while committing their latest crime.

The Big Valley

Hide the Children

Dec. 19, 1966

After falsely accusing a Gypsy vineyard worker of theft and injuring him in a fight, Nick reluctantly agrees to accompany the man's wife, daughter, and mother-in-law on a journey to the daughter's arranged marriage. Along the way, harassed by local townspeople, Nick finds himself mistaken for a Gypsy and learns what it's like to be one of them. 

The Big Valley

Day of the Comet

Dec. 26, 1966

A poetry-loving stranger on the run from the Cavalry camps out at the Barkley ranch.

The Big Valley

Wagonload of Dreams

Jan. 2, 1967

When a Greek family refuses to pay a crooked stationmaster his extortion money,both the Greek family and The Barkley's become targets!

The Big Valley

Image of Yesterday

Jan. 9, 1967

A former suitor of Victoria Barkley comes into town. Her feelings towards him changes quickly when he and his gunslingers make themselves at home at the Barkley Ranch.

The Big Valley

Boy into Man

Jan. 16, 1967

A mother seems to have abandoned her children.The oldest,a teenage boy,resists the Barkley's help-who decide to search for the mother.

The Big Valley

Down Shadow Street

Jan. 23, 1967

Victoria has key testimony to offer at a murder trial.A unethical judge with a conflict of interest in the case has her confined to a grisly madhouse.Jarrod and Nick desperately launch a search to find her.

The Big Valley

The Stallion

Jan. 30, 1967

While trying to round up a prize wild stallion Nick is nearly killed due to an old ranch-hand's lack of concentration.After being offered a less demanding job the prideful wrangler quits,determined to capture the steed single-handed.

The Big Valley

The Haunted Gun

Feb. 6, 1967

An old Barkley family friend who is now a Senator travels to Stockton.The visit is spoiled by the Senator's fear of being assassinated.

The Big Valley

The Price of Victory

Feb. 13, 1967

A badly injured professional boxer can't avoid "one more fight" even though it endangers his life and may cost him his family.

The Big Valley

Brother Love

Feb. 20, 1967

A flashy faith healer who is really a con artist has Audra convinced he is sincere and is in Stockton to do good.

The Big Valley

Court Martial

March 6, 1967

A retired Civil War era Union general is tried for war crimes by ex-Confederates at the Barkley ranch while the family is held captive.

The Big Valley


March 13, 1967

A town is evacuated due to a weakened dam.Despite the danger,Heath is deputized to stop looters until the citizens can return.

The Big Valley

Turn of a Card

March 20, 1967

A professional card player finds out that Heath is carrying $5000 to a Barkley mine.The gambler even stoops to using a girl he "owns" in trying to strip Heath of the money.

The Big Valley

The Lady From Mesa

April 3, 1967

The daughter of an old and valued ranch hand is brought to the Barkley home to see her dying father. She blames him for ruining her life.

The Big Valley

Days of Grace

April 17, 1967

Heath is accused of assaulting a wealthy man's daughter. A nun intervenes to prevent a lynching.

The Big Valley

Cage of Eagles

April 24, 1967

An Irish political fugitive is hired as a Dynamiter to work at a Barkley mine. His intentions are questioned by an influential citizen.

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