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Tales of Wells FargoSeason One

The series ran from 1957 to 1962 and starred Dale Robertson as special agent Jim Hardie, a company troubleshooter in the American West,

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Tales of Wells Fargo

The Thin Rope

March 18, 1957

Jim Hardie is assigned to ride shotgun on a stagecoach that was held up carrying a valuable cargo of gold, but has to contend with a driver who thinks he can handle any outlaws he meets with all by himself.

Tales of Wells Fargo

The Hasty Gun

March 25, 1957

Aging, honest Marshall Ogburn shoots an unarmed suspect in heat of a violent burglary of a Wells Fargo bank and is fired. Jim is sent to investigate the robbery and try to recover the stolen money. It may lead to more than the money.

Tales of Wells Fargo

Alder Gulch

April 8, 1957

In Montana the only men getting rich are the outlaws stealing it off Wells Fargo stagecoaches and freight wagons. Hardie goes undercover to the town of Alder Gulch to try to infiltrate the outlaw gang operating in the area.

Tales of Wells Fargo

The Bounty

April 15, 1957

Jim is sent to Moose Creek, Canada to identify the corpse of an outlaw only he has seen but the man was killed with a shotgun blast to the face making him hard to identify. In addition, a woman there claims the body is that of her brother.

Tales of Wells Fargo

A Time To Kill

April 22, 1957

A son of a dead man accused of robbing a Wells Fargo stage discovers an empty strong box in the attic of his farmhouse. The boy is still convinced that his father has been falsely accused and hopes Jim Hardie finds the real culprits.

Tales of Wells Fargo

Shotgun Messenger

May 7, 1957

A rich gold strike in Pleasant Valley has the Wells Fargo Co. setting up a new stagecoach run linking the boom town with San Francisco. Hardie over the objections of the branch manager selects the son of a disgraced Wells Fargo employee.

Tales of Wells Fargo

The Lynching

May 13, 1957

After meeting a Basque sheepherder new to the U.S. who speaks no English with his brother on a stage, Hardie learns on a return trip he is about to be lynched when a town's hard cases accuse him of abduction of a young girl.

Tales of Wells Fargo

Renegade Raiders

May 20, 1957

Jim goes undercover as a trainee for Wells Fargo to try and find out who is supplying renegade Indians with the guns they are using on their murderous raids. Something is strange with the Cheyenne stealing money for which they have no use.

Tales of Wells Fargo

Rio Grande

June 3, 1957

Hardie picks up a valuable shipment in Matamoras, Mexico and isn't pleased when a dude and beautiful woman insist on becoming passengers with him on the route he will use to deliver the money to Laredo fighting Mexican bandits all the way.

Tales of Wells Fargo

Sam Bass

June 10, 1957

Sam Bass and his gang have a hideout in Texas so secluded that no lawman has ever located it. From this stronghold they strike repeatedly. Jim is ordered to infiltrate the gang so that he can learn where Bass's gang holes up between raids.

Tales of Wells Fargo

Stage to Nowhere

June 24, 1957

While transporting Dan Lingle to stand trial for robbery and murder, Hardie's stagecoach is attacked by the outlaw's gang. Among the passengers on the coach are Lingle's estranged wife and son and the outlaw determines to stand with them.

Tales of Wells Fargo

Jesse James

July 1, 1957

When a Wells Fargo train shipment is robbed in Missouri, Jesse James and his gang are suspected. Jim Hardie disguises himself as a photographer and attempts to locate the money and the outlaws who killed his friend on the train.

Tales of Wells Fargo

The Silver Bullets

July 8, 1957

In Rainbow Ends, a mining town, Wells Fargo agent Roy Fulton was killed and $15,000 disappeared. Jim Hardie goes there to investigate. He goes undercover taking a job as a guard at the roulette table where Fulton was killed.

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