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GunsmokeSeason One

Welcome to season one of the western television show, Gunsmoke. This western television series ran for 20 seasons. The first six seasons were 30 minute episodes with a total of 233. Starting with season seven, the series expanded to one hour episodes. The series began televising in color starting with season twelve. The information on this page has been gathered from Wikipedia. 

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"Matt Gets It"

This is the very first episode. It starts off with an introduction by a very young John Wayne. 

September 10, 1955

United States Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness)[17] of Dodge City must deal with fast trigger-happy outlaw Dan Grat (Paul Richards) who wants his way with the town.


"Hot Spell"

September 17, 1955

Matt must defend a gunman he despises from townspeople who want to lynch him for a crime he didn't commit.


"Word of Honor"

October 1, 1955

To save his own life, murder witness Doc gives his word of honor to the killers that he won't expose them.


"Home Surgery"

October 8, 1955

Matt tries to save the life of a man dying of gangrene.


"Obie Tater"

October 15, 1955

A group of outlaws try to force an old prospector to give up his gold.


"Night Incident"

October 29, 1955

No one believes a boy's claims that he overheard an outlaw planning a robbery.


"Smoking Out the Nolans"

November 5, 1955

A landowner asks Matt to remove a couple from a home on part of his land, which the couple insists they bought and paid for, and which they refuse to vacate.


"Kite's Reward"

November 12, 1955

An ex-outlaw's attempt to hang up his gun proves difficult.


"The Hunter"

November 26, 1955

A legendary buffalo hunter invites the wrath of Indians when he sets out to cross their sacred hunting grounds.


"The Queue"

December 3, 1955

Two men try to force a Chinese man out of Dodge.


"General Parsley Smith"

December 10, 1955

Parsley Smith, a teller of tall tales, claims the new town banker is plotting to make off with the depositors' money.



December 24, 1955

It's Christmas in Dodge and Chester isn't pleased when his brother Magnus arrives for a visit.


"Reed Survives"

December 31, 1955

A beautiful young wife manipulates a young hired hand into killing her older husband.


"Professor Lute Bone"

January 7, 1956

A peddler's miracle curative contains opium and proves fatal.


"No Handcuffs"

January 21, 1956

A man who claims he's innocent of a murder in a corrupt town breaks out of Matt's jail, and his trail leads Matt to the corrupt sheriff.


"Reward for Matt"

January 28, 1956

A woman offers a $1,000 reward to the man who kills Matt Dillon.


"Robin Hood"

February 4, 1956

Witnesses are refusing to testify against an infamous outlaw.



February 18, 1956

Matt saves the life of a white boy raised by Indians who was shot trying to retrieve horses stolen from his tribe.



February 25, 1956

An ex-lawman and old friend of Matt's arrives in Dodge with failing eyesight, and a man who wants to kill him.


"Reunion '78"

March 3, 1956

A well-liked hardware drummer is actually a man wanted for multiple murders.


"Helping Hand"

March 17, 1956

Matt attempts to reform a young troublemaker.


"Tap Day for Kitty"

March 24, 1956

An old rancher decides that he is going to marry Kitty.


"Indian Scout"

March 31, 1956

When an old Indian scout murders a man, Matt pursues him into Comanche territory.


"The Pest Hole"

April 14, 1956

Doc must find a way to thwart a typhoid epidemic in Dodge.


"The Big Broad"

April 28, 1956

Matt has to figure a way around a six-foot-tall, 200-pound woman with a six-gun.


"Hack Prine"

May 12, 1956

An old friend of Matt's is now a gun-for-hire, in town to kill him.



May 19, 1956

A dishonest gambler uses a mentally challenged man in a plot against Matt.


"The Killer"

May 26, 1956

Matt has to stop a cold-blooded killer (Charles Bronson) who preys on over-matched opponents.


"Doc's Revenge"

June 9, 1956

Doc has a change of heart about a man he hates and wants to kill face to face when the man is later shot in the back.


"The Preacher"

June 16, 1956

A preacher disgusted by violence is harassed by bully Sam Keeler (Chuck Connors) who despises his timid nature.


"How to Die for Nothing"

June 23, 1956

The brother of a man Matt was forced to kill vows to kill Matt by any means necessary.


"Dutch George"

June 30, 1956

Matt is forced to arrest his childhood hero, who is now the leader of a gang of horse thieves.


"Prairie Happy"

July 7, 1956

A bitter old man tells fibs about Indians preparing to strike Dodge.


"Chester's Mail Order Bride"

July 14, 1956

When Chester's mail-order bride arrives, neither she nor Chester are what the other are expecting.


"The Guitar"

July 21, 1956

An ex-Union soldier is forced to use violence against a pair of diehard Rebels.



July 28, 1956

Matt discovers that an old girlfriend is working on the opposite side of the law.


"Mr. and Mrs. Amber"

August 4, 1956

A self-described religious prophet makes life miserable for his sister and her husband.


"Unmarked Grave"

August 18, 1956

An old woman grieving over the loss of her outlaw son tries to help another young outlaw escape justice.


"Alarm at Pleasant Valley"

August 25, 1956

A homesteader is ambushed on the way to Dodge.

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