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Western Short Stories
Will Neill

Will Neill

Will Neill is an award winning Irish author, poet and armature musician and cowboy at heart; Born in Belfast in the late fifties. Will has established himself as a prolific writer all over the world for both his prose and poetry. He admits to being an avid reader and doesn’t like to restrict his writing to a singular genre preferring to write about ‘what makes a good story’

He also confesses to being a people watcher, life long John Wayne fan and a stickler for accuracy when it comes to historical events and places, he states ‘One can never take the reader for granted’ Will has seen his work published in the ‘Circus of Indie Artists’ #Author Ether Books # Author StoryStar and Writers Café. Gold Award for ‘Tender is the Night’ in the NY Literary Mag. Mavguard featured author February 2017 for his published story ‘Now the Carnival is Gone’ and many others.

His story ‘The Jesus Syndrome’ is currently being made into a short film.

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Western Short Story

For the Love of Tilly Redmond’

Will Neill

My Pa once said to me God rest his poor soul ‘son, there’s only three things you need in this life, food in your belly, water to drink and the love of a good woman. I found my first love in Tilly Redmond.

Tilly or Matilda Redmond was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen since I left home to go find my way in life. I had hoped to discover my fortune first in the gold rivers of California after the rumors of James Marshalls big find at Sutters Mill filtered down to our spread. The Bar T ranch six miles south east of Joseph Oregon where Daddy grazed eight hundred head of Watusi longhorns over three thousand acres of prime Wallowa County green fenced in with miles and miles of devil rope. It was my job to re-ride those horse wires for any signs of Leppy’s from dawn to dusk everyday no matter what the weather, a chore I didn’t relish much so you can understand the reason for me to follow the gold. I loved him dearly and he promised me if things didn’t work out I could always come home and there would be no ill feelings.

So I suppose that’s how I became a forty-niner. Read the full story HERE>>