Western Short Stories
Steven L. K. McQueen

Western Short Stories Bio. of Steven L. K. McQueen

Steven L.K. McQueen was born in London Kentucky. He is the manager of an auto parts store and teaches Taekwondo. From early childhood, Steve has been fascinated with cowboys and all things western. He currently resides in Iowa with his wife and two sons.

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Double Eagle

Steven L.K. McQueen



A rattlesnake crawled onto the bare trail that cut a swath across the prairie. The snake froze for a moment, and then quickly wound itself into a tight coil. It flicked out its tongue as the ground around it began to vibrate. Small pebbles danced around the serpent as the earth began to rumble. It rattled its tail in primal warning. Dozens of hooves thundered by, stirring up a thick cloud of dust, followed closely by the bucking, creaking, iron ringed wheels of a stage coach. The team and rig rolled violently by and receded into the distance. As the dust began to settle, the snake slowly unwound. Hesitantly, it slithered out into the trail, only to be trampled by two dozen more steel shod hooves tearing up the road. Read the full story HERE>>

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