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Loretta Miles Tollefson
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Western short stories Bio. of Loretta Miles Tollefson

Loretta Miles Tollefson has published three poetry collections, two novels, and two collections of historical micro-fiction set in a valley high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains: Moreno Valley Sketches I and Moreno Valley Sketches II.  She lives in New Mexico's Rocky Mountains, where she transforms historical data about the region into fiction.She posts historical micro-fiction weekly on Facebook and at lorettamilestollefson.wordpress.com 

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Ranch Romance stories by Loretta Miles Tollefson


Loretta Miles Tollefson

The four young people stood inside the ranch cabin’s newly whitewashed walls and looked at each other uncertainly.

“What will you do?” Andrew asked. His sister Alma frowned at him, but Kathy only shook her carefully braided blond head, white handkerchief to her blue eyes.

William went to the window. A line of Taos Pueblo riders moved steadily toward the cabin through the gap from the southern part of the valley. “Here they come,” he said. He turned to his sister. “You gave your word.” Read the full story HERE>>